Trump Is Now Often Cited As A Likely Two Term President!!!!

By Donald A. Collins | 3 December 2023
Church and State

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On September 20, 1973, Billie Jean King, 29, beat Bobby Riggs 55 in front of 90 million viewers and changed the battle of the sexes!

After she won and later reported that instead of playing her standard serve and attacking the net to volley game she laid back and kept hitting solid ground strokes that keep the older Riggs moving. She won in 3 sets as you can read here.

In that same year, January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court decided in the Roe vs Wade decision to give women the national right to safe abortions! In ignoring the treasured Stare decisis practice of not changing well established precedents, the Trump packed Supreme Court killed Roe Casey on June 24, 2022 proving that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance!

Opponents seldom give an adversary’s advice on how to win, but long time GOP political strategist Karl Rove did that in his 11/29/23 column in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Where Are the Pros in Biden’s Campaign?” which is subtitled, “It’s unclear that his relatively greenhorn team can even fix his failing 2020 strategy.”

But Mr. Rove launches into a full-scale description of Biden’s inadequate staff of election experts to wage his campaign considering his low polling.

It begins:

At Monday’s White House briefing, Ed O’Keefe of CBS asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if, “given the president’s sagging poll numbers,” which show him trailing “any Republican opponent,” there has “been any talk in this White House about a change in strategy or staffing.” Ms. Jean-Pierre dismissed this with a curt “no.”

She had to say that. Any other answer would have been chum for a room full of journalistic sharks. But a change in strategy and staffing should be discussed in the West Wing.

President Biden’s numbers stink. In a Nov. 13 Fox News poll, he trails Donald Trump by 4 points, Ron DeSantis by 5 and Nikki Haley by 11. That’s after spending tens of millions on digital, cable and network ads and holding endless presidential and cabinet events extolling his achievements.

Despite this, Mr. Biden’s overall approval rating is an anemic 40.6% in the RealClearPolitics average. His approval numbers on handling the economy, crime, foreign policy, immigration and inflation are even worse (at or below 38.4%).

Mr. Biden has tried campaigning via a jumble of self-congratulatory policy pronouncements, generally so tone-deaf and superficial as to invite ridicule. Take Monday’s announcement of the new Council on Supply Chain Resilience, at which Mr. Biden unveiled 30 steps to “strengthen America’s supply chains.” How many American voters can name a single one?”

You can read his column in full here!!

Why would he give the Biden administration this vital advice? Obviously, Rove is well on record as not in favor of Trump. As a traditional Republican he fully understands what could happen to democracy in a Trump 2nd term. Or at least I hope he and others of his ilk do. However, the lack of courage since Trump’s election in 2016 to call out Trump has led to an unbelievable assault on our republic. For example in an earlier Rove OP ED, Rove seems by using the ages of Biden and Trump and the need for new younger candidates as Rove’s twin criteria so he can avoid a direct attack by saying Trump is a huge threat to our democracy?

Read here to decide.

Numerous op ed writers have expressed the dire plausibility of a 2nd Trump term.

The most unsettling article yet for me was the 11/29/23 NY Times OP ED by Charles M. Blow entitled “The ‘Trump Isn’t So Bad’ Mind-Set” which I have emailed to many of my readers and which I strongly recommend everyone read carefully as Blow has assembled the strongest case yet about Trump’s highly probable victory and its devastating consequences!

Let me quote extensively from his frightening thesis, The “Trump Isn’t bad Mind Set” starting with his first paragraph here.

Some voters exalt in a revisionist history in which destroyers are viewed as disrupters, in which our past anxieties are downplayed.

In the view of many of these voters, even with his evident faults, Trump isn’t so bad, and what he did in office is increasingly remembered as positive, including shaking up the Washington establishment and the political status quo. For those losing faith in government in general, this may be attractive — the nightmarish Trump days somehow converted into halcyon ones.

In that scenario, some seem to be experiencing a false sense of invincibility, the kind that you might have after surviving a car wreck, in which you come to see your escape from the worst as proof that the danger was less potent than it once seemed and that you’re more resilient than you might have thought.

But the threat Trump poses hasn’t diminished. It has increased. He’s more open about his plans to alter the country and our form of government if he is returned to the White House. And yet some Americans simply aren’t registering that threat as having the potential to harm in the way that it obviously can.

It seems, in their minds, that if the country survived one Trump term, it can survive another. And that all the Chicken Littles claiming that the sky is falling, or could fall, are addicted to worry and prone to hyperbole.

Blow sees Trump getting ever stronger after his nomination.

The continuous unwillingness for almost all ideological branches of the GOP to stand up and scream about this dictator in prospect is already proven by Rove’s timidity noted above.

Blow goes further:

There are also people who’ve bought into the narrative that Biden is too old for a second term. And while I think the age issue is overblown, it clearly has settled in among many voters and will be very hard to shake.

And then there are those who just don’t feel the positive impacts of the Biden presidency, whether it’s on the economy or on foreign policy. This isn’t because the administration hasn’t had successes but because individual citizens sometimes don’t recognize the source of those successes or experience them in ways that they can immediately feel.

This has been, among other things, a massive failure of messaging. It’s not enough to inundate voters by repeating, over and over, lists of bills passed, steps taken and amounts allocated or spent. Campaigning by spreadsheet is mind numbing. How do people feel? What do they feel? That has to be the basis of any successful electoral appeal.

But the Biden team hasn’t taken that tack. Instead, it engages in disastrous branding like “Bidenomics,” trying and failing to convince people that they should feel better than they do because some of the top-line economic indicators are positive, even when the bottom line, for many households — the cost of groceries, how far a paycheck stretches, whether buying a house is possible — is still precarious and efforts to numb that feeling with numbers can come off as callous and aloof.

In presidential races, the successful candidates are generally those aligned with the electorate at that moment. That was Biden in 2020, but it is not at all clear that it will be him in 2024 — not so much because he has changed but because the appetite of many voters has.

The failure of Biden’s key brand name “Bidenomics” has been argued by the polling data to have no or even a possible negative affect with voters.

Okay, there is a lot of time ahead, but Trump’s legal woes so far and especially if he is nominated with grow more helpful to his steamroller popularity among the MAGA and timid GOP.

As Blow says,

Yes, a year is an eternity in politics, and Biden has time to turn things around and adjust his messaging. But it’s still something of an outrage that we’re even in a position where we have to gamble on Biden’s ability to pull himself up and out of a significant hole. It is certainly an outrage that the survival of our democracy may depend on it.

It doesn’t matter if I or anyone else believes that Biden deserves a second term; Americans keep signaling that they aren’t sold on one. And at some point, we all have to listen more than we lecture. We have to understand that Biden’s insistence on seeking a second term — rather than making way for someone from the next generation of Democratic leaders — comes at high risk and that what’s at stake is greater than the aspirations of any individual candidate.

At the moment, the electorate is drifting away from its safest option. It is courting the country’s demise. Maybe something or someone will be able to jolt voters out of this self-destructive impulse. We have to hope so. The price of that not happening is far too steep.

Background of the writer? “Charles M. Blow joined The Times in 1994 and became an Opinion columnist in 2008. He is also a television commentator and writes often about politics, social justice and vulnerable communities.”

I have quoted extensively above from Blow’s views which you can read in full here.

Then in what is not in doubt in the minds of our scientists and environmental leaders, the present COP28 meeting now occurring in Dubai and the many previously held UN meetings have not produced adequate responses to our pressing climate problems. There are certainly signs of hope, but the UN Chief just said on 12/1/23 the “Earth’s vital; signs are failing.”

The 12/1/23 Washington Post article cited

U.N. Secretary General António Guterres said Friday the world is “minutes to midnight” in its goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and he called on leaders at the U.N. climate change conference in Dubai, known as COP28, to prevent a “planetary crash and burn.”

“Earth’s vital signs are failing,” Guterres said.

His message came at the opening of two days of talks among global leaders, an early part of the two-week climate negotiations. Several notable leaders — including President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, representing the two largest historical emitters — are skipping the event.

The summit is an opportunity for leaders to assess their failures since the 2015 Paris agreement in limiting emissions. One of the key issues for COP28 is whether the planet’s dire report card prompts an agreement to phase out fossil fuels — something Guterres urged on Friday.

“Science is clear,” he said. “The 1.5 degree limit is only possible if we ultimately stop burning fossil fuels — not reduce, not abate, [but rather] phase out with a clear time frame aligned with 1.5 degrees.”

Here is the prompt for this article but there are countless others with even more dire messages.

Let’s get back to the 2024 election and the choices the Presidential candidates who will be forced to recognize the impact of environmental issues that are so rapidly getting to the point of no recovery.

Biden’s efforts in our divided government have been surprisingly well pursued despite our divide government, as you can read here:

Last week, Joe Biden skillfully avoided America’s fiscal default and managed to save the massive environmental funding of the Inflation Reduction Act. Had America defaulted, the economic disruption would have delayed the transition to a renewable resource-based economy as the capital needed to fund the transition would have retreated to the type of assets you can hide beneath your mattress. To get the bill passed, he was compelled to streamline the National Environmental Policy Act-based process for environmental review of energy projects and fast-track the Mountain Valley Pipeline. When a president’s political opponents control one house of Congress and the Supreme Court, his ability to maneuver politically is limited. Projects like the Mountain Valley Pipeline or drilling for fossil fuels in the Arctic are foolish. Someday these projects will be seen as the last gasps of the dying fossil fuel industry. But while fossil fuels are on the way out, it will take a generation before they are eliminated, and, in the meantime, I am writing this piece on a computer powered by fossil fuels. Nearly all of us still need fossil fuels, so let’s give up the fantasy that all fossil fuel burning should stop immediately. The environmental reviews streamlined by the budget agreement will not only benefit fossil fuel projects. Renewable energy projects and modernized energy transmission lines are also being delayed by the same processes used to hold up fossil fuel projects. I’m happy that all these lawyers and environmental interest groups can raise money and make a living off of these constant appeals, but an endless process without final decisions serves no one.

The fact is that nearly everything we humans and our lifestyles do damages the environment. The choice is always around the degree of damage. We need to be more mindful of the tradeoffs we are making and more realistic about our actual choices. We should also pay more attention to the record of accomplishment and what is happening in the real rather than symbolic world. Rather than focusing on targets and symbols, let’s look at performance: how much progress have we made in transitioning to an environmentally sustainable economy? How much renewable energy is now in use compared to last year? How many electric vehicles have been sold compared to last year? How does this year’s record of pollution compare to last year’s? Joe Biden’s administration followed the president with the worst environmental record of any American leader since the creation of the EPA in 1970. Donald Trump and his cronies did everything they could to destroy environmental protection policy in the United States. They eliminated rules, stopped enforcement, questioned settled science, and always prioritized private profits above public health.

Here is the Bidden administration’s report on environmental progress.

What are Trump’s environmental positions? An April 24,2023 CNN article entitled “Fact check: Trump’s latest false climate figure is off by more than 1,000 times” will not give scientists or anyone much hope for aggressive action should he be elected.

Of course, what Trump will claim as his position will of course fit into his record of honesty. Meantime we will assume the CNN article is accuate as it says,

Former President Donald Trump keeps using wildly inaccurate figures to minimize the threat of climate change.

Trump, now a presidential candidate, has argued in speeches and interviews that the risk of nuclear war is a much more important issue than climate change. He is entitled to his opinion. But he has repeatedly defended that opinion by citing imaginary statistics on the extent to which sea levels are expected to rise in the future.

In a Fox interview this month, Trump echoed a claim he made in his campaign launch speech in November. He said on Fox: “When I listen to people talk about global warming, that the ocean will rise, in the next 300 years, by 1/8th of an inch – and they talk about, ‘This is our problem.’ Our big problem is nuclear warming, but nobody even talks about it. The environmentalists talk about all this nonsense.”

In a podcast interview that aired last week, Trump used a figure even smaller than 1/8th of an inch over 300 years: “When I see these people talking about global warming, where the ocean will rise by 1/100th of an inch over the next 350 years…”

Facts First: Trump’s claims about sea levels are not remotely close to accurate. As the federal National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has noted, the global sea level is currently rising at about 1/8th of an inch per year. In other words, the sea level rise Trump claimed people say will happen over 300 years is actually happening annually. NOAA says that, along the United States coastline in particular, sea level rise is expected to average a total of 10 to 12 inches between 2020 and 2050 alone.

All the GOP ineptness, corruption, and indifference to reason, integrity, tradition and science do not seem to deter those who are anxious to elect Trump to a 2nd term!!

Former US Navy officer, banker and venture capitalist, Donald A. Collins, a free lance writer living in Washington, DC, has spent over 50 years working for women’s reproductive health as a board member and/or officer of numerous family planning organizations including Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Guttmacher Institute, Family Health International and Ipas. Yale under graduate, NYU MBA. He is the author of “From the Dissident Left: A Collection of Essays 2004-2013”, “Trump Becoming Macbeth: Will our democracy survive?”, “We Humans Overwhelm Our Earth: 11 or 2 Billion by 2100?”, “What Can Be Done Now to Save Habitable Life on Planet Earth?”, “Vote”, “Can Homo Sapiens Survive?”, “Will Choice and Democracy Win?”, “Can Our U.S. Survive 8 Plus Billion of Us”, “Economic Growth: A Cancer on all Earthly Life” and “On the Precipice of Political Disaster in 2024”.

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