Voters, What Will You Feel When You Prepare To Vote In 2024??

By Donald A. Collins | 17 December 2023
Church and State

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As the holiday season proceeds, the furry of most of our activities concentrate on connecting with many families and friends and wishing all good will and success in the coming new year. This likely does NOT include thinking much about what should prove to be the principal preoccupation of 2024 which will be consumed and conflicted by requests for your votes.

To understand how your vote will be affected, you need first to read the seminal analysis presented by the 12/8/23 Washington Post article entitled “Small segment of voters will wield outsize power in 2024 presidential race” with the subtitle “The electoral college system empowers a sliver of the U.S. population in a diminishing number of battleground states. And the majority may not even prevail.”

Here’s the core of its subject, how the Electoral College skews the votes into a dangerous number not necessarily representative of the popular will of many Americans.

Once rare, the frequency with which the electoral college has skewed the overall result has increased: The “general mass” — now called the popular vote — has been won in two of the past six contests by someone who lost the White House. In both cases, the Republican candidate benefited.

At the same time, the count of swingable states has narrowed. The 2024 presidential campaign is likely to target a smaller share of Americans than at any point in the modern era, despite massive increases in spending due to online fundraising, a Washington Post analysis found.

During the last election, just 10 states and two congressional districts were targeted by Republican or Democratic nominees’ campaigns. It was a precipitous drop from the 26 states on average that were targeted each year between 1952 and 1980, according to a forthcoming book by political scientists Daron R. Shaw, Scott Althaus and Costas Panagopoulos. The research is based on internal campaign documents, interviews with campaign leaders and media reports.

The Washington Post’s analysis found that just 1 in 4 Americans lived in such areas in 2020, down from roughly 3 in 4 in the earlier period. If the major parties do not contest Florida in 2024, as is widely expected, only 18 percent of Americans would live in battlegrounds.

The targeted voters in the decisive states should expect a barrage of communications — on their phones, in their mail, from their friends, family and colleagues, over radio, television, streaming services and social media networks. The rest of the country’s citizens will find themselves on the sidelines, watching the news or the occasional live candidate event with a diminished voice in their own futures. Their vote will still count but is unlikely to decide anything.

“It’s now getting to the point where you are probably talking about 400,000 people in three or four states. That is what it is getting down to,” said Joe Trippi, a Democratic strategist who has worked on presidential campaigns since 1980. “It does mean that more and more people feel that they don’t have a say.”

Read the facts of the above here from this 12/8/23 Washington Post which argues that a “Small segment of voters will wield outsize power in 2024 presidential race” and “The electoral college system empowers a sliver of the U.S. population in battleground states. And the majority may not even prevail.”

Getting reform of that dangerous situation in a sharply divided government will not be possible and the techniques for identifying swing voters have become a technological talent sought and practiced by both parties.

This in no way should keep voters at home because the outcome as polls show will be close in those swing states but another election decided by the Electoral College, not the popular votes, must be changed as the recent elections in this century proved.

Now the obvious reasons to vote against Trump must be listed again and again just for the benefit of those of sound mind who understand the implications of a 2nd Trump term. Reading my recent op ed pieces will remind my readers of the enormity of the GOP’s misdeeds but the list is so long and so obvious I will not burden my readers with the bad news much of which many already know but many can’t yet fully what a 2nd Trump term will bring!

Here I will select other implications which my earlier pieces may benefit from further clarification.

Perhaps one reason superseding many others is that one of Trump’s personal integrity has degraded or embarrassed all those associated with him. With hate, lies and blatant illegal actions he has made our allies around the world, particularly in NATO concerned about our ability to meet obligations on which our allies have counted on for decades.

By comparison an issue of far less importance is Rudy Guiliani, the perfect example on how a Trump association can affect one’s life and reputation. But he is not a unique example. Guiliani on 12/15/23 was hit at his trial with a $148 million fine in damages after a federal judge found him liable for falsely accusing two Georgia poll workers of tampering with 2020 election results.

I am sure you recall the testimony of these two women whose reputations were destroyed and who remain fearful of their lives after his attacks.

Read the Politico story here.

Read also the full Washington Post story here.

With his 3 Supreme Court appointments, Trump turned our highest court into an extreme right wing Catholic ideological majority whose first term was dominated by legislating from the bench on issues the majority of American find reprehensible. Choice and gun control are two examples. Furthermore, this court has been unwilling to operate under the kind of strict code of ethical behavior that governs the rest of the federal judiciary.

As so evident from the recent behavior of the GOP majority in the US House of Representatives, the MAGA GOP controlled party of Donald Trump can’t govern, can’t compromise, and spends full time trying for political theatre instead of enacting on a timely basis urgent domestic and international legislation. Its latest vote to begin an impeachment inquiry on President Biden offers a prime example. Read here the outrageously dishonest reporting from House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.), one of the three committee chairs leading the investigation into President Biden.

As Washington Post’s Philip Bump tells us in “Over the past 24 hours, with a vote to formalize the impeachment investigation into President Biden looming in the House, Republican lawmakers have been pressed to identify what, exactly, they think Biden did. After all, a lot of Republicans — including Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) — have publicly rejected the idea that evidence implicating Biden in wrongdoing exists.”

Read Bump’s 12/14/23 column in full here.

The comparison of the enormity between Trump’s misdeeds and those his family benefited from in his Presidency so contrasts with Hunter Biden’s alleged crimes and his obvious use of his Biden name does not excuse Hunter and he should be subject to prosecution. Will Trump and family ever face appropriate justice?

As these early polls continue to predict a Trump nomination and victory over Biden, one wonders where are the non MAGA GOP voices citing the outrage most voters feel and the Electoral College potential to skew the outcome again from the popular majority as we could sink in a Trump dictatorship.

Other names of people whose lives have been affected by their Trump association are varied by their roles and circumstances.

Bill Barr his Attorney General gets somewhat off full guilt with his admission that Trump should not have claimed the 2020 election fraud but in downgrading the negative report by Robert Mueller he gave Trump’s misdeeds more forgiveness!

Michael Cohen, Trump’s bag man for the illicit payment to the porn star and many other errands, got jail time and a permanent loss of reputation.

Others involved in claiming fraud have confessed and people such as Mark Meadows are doubtless in line for legal trouble.

Finally the main elected cowards in Congress whose failure to stop Trump should get the worst shellacking but who will in too many instances still get reelected.

Finally, 1100 people who invaded or instigated the attacks on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 have been indicted or convicted thanks to Trump’s coup attempt!

Only an unexpected 2024 vote for Biden and Democrats across the country can fix this mess!

Former US Navy officer, banker and venture capitalist, Donald A. Collins, a free lance writer living in Washington, DC, has spent over 50 years working for women’s reproductive health as a board member and/or officer of numerous family planning organizations including Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Guttmacher Institute, Family Health International and Ipas. Yale under graduate, NYU MBA. He is the author of “From the Dissident Left: A Collection of Essays 2004-2013”, “Trump Becoming Macbeth: Will our democracy survive?”, “We Humans Overwhelm Our Earth: 11 or 2 Billion by 2100?”, “What Can Be Done Now to Save Habitable Life on Planet Earth?”, “Vote”, “Can Homo Sapiens Survive?”, “Will Choice and Democracy Win?”, “Can Our U.S. Survive 8 Plus Billion of Us”, “Economic Growth: A Cancer on all Earthly Life” and “On the Precipice of Political Disaster in 2024”.

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