Winning Biden Campaign Ads! Use Trump’s Own Words To Defeat Him In November

By Donald A. Collins | 6 March 2024
Church and State

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The overwhelming wins for Trump in the Super Tuesday March 5th elections suggest his impregnability and his increased chances for reelection in November.

For months I have been increasingly perplexed by the seeming inability of many voters who should be alert enough to comprehend the difference between Biden and the former President. Trump’s own utterances should have long ago condemned him for overwhelming defeat. His goal from day one of his Presidency in 2016 has been to undermine faith in our democracy and the institutions which have served us so well.

I believe Biden in his Presidency has accomplished one success after another. Low unemployment, large infrastructure funding, and a soft landing avoiding a recession.

Perhaps most importantly, Biden helped build a untied NATO against Putin’s Ukrainian invasion, now undermined as the Trump owned GOP House of Representatives withholds armament replenishment refusing to see the dangerous consequences of a Putin victory against those brave Ukrainian soldiers fighting a proxy war to keep us from having to do so.

As the 2024 presidential election campaign heats up, Trump’s delay strategy on his lawsuits seems to be working relentlessly to make the verdicts of consequence on his 2 coup cases likely to not occur before election day November 5, 2024!!!

Meanwhile, the prospect of Biden and Trump having a repeat confrontation seems certain.

Now, it seems to me it would be particularly important for the Biden campaign to begin to air extensively what Trump has promised to do if elected on November 5, 2024.

That list is quite extensive and well documented already in the media.

Sadly, the failure of too many citizens to realize their dire consequences despite repetition of some of the more frightening suggestions or promises that Trump has made to carry out if reelected.

These statements are dismissed by many as “Oh, that just how Trump talks”. He said he would only be a dictator for one day, but his constant lies suggest otherwise.

His words deserve to be in the minds of voters from both parties and from independents, the latter group particularly who will probably decide the outcome of the election.

When looking of some of the things which Trump has said, I discovered lists from CNN and Politico that provided a continuity of his venom from his first speeches as a Presidential candidate in 2021 until his many now as he prepares to get nominated again in July in Milwaukee.

His only nomination, pursuer former and SC Governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley who voted for Trump twice, has labeled his current campaign remarks as reflecting his insanity.

She had earlier promised to endorse Trump if he is nominated, but after her political fuselage, she has gotten evasive when quizzed on Meet the Press on Sunday March 5th.

Now read directly from these lists rather than my picking my favorites.

These first lists are what he said in his 2015 campaign.

The 7 craziest things Trump has said:

1. ‘The hatred is beyond comprehension’
2. ‘They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.’
3. ‘I would bomb the sh– out of them’
4. ‘Look at that face!
5. ‘Blood coming out of her wherever‘
6. ‘You don’t cure a child molester’
7. ‘I like people who weren’t captured’

The 15 most offensive things that have come out of Trump’s mouth

1. The ‘total and complete shutdown’ of Muslims entering the U.S.
2. ‘I’m a negotiator like you folks’
3. ‘the blacks’
4. ‘I am the least racist person there is’
5. ‘Laziness is a trait in blacks’
6. ‘a well-educated black’
7. ‘They’re rapists … some, I assume, are good people’
8. ‘I have thousands of Hispanics that work for me’
9. No bones about it
10. ‘the Japs’
11. On how to treat women
12. ‘I cherish women’
13. Rosie O’Donnell, Bette Midler, Arianna Huffington…
14. ‘When a man leaves a woman’
15. Golf and marriage

Donald Trump’s 57 most outrageous quotes from his Arizona speech

1. “And just so you know from the Secret Service, there aren’t too many people outside protesting, OK. That I can tell you.”

2. “A lot of people in here, a lot of people pouring right now. They can get them in. Whatever you can do, fire marshals, we’ll appreciate it.”

3. “You know I’d love it if the cameras could show this crowd, because it is rather incredible. It is incredible.”

4. “We went to center stage almost from day one in the debates. We love those debates.”

5. “Our movement is a movement built on love.”

6. “We all share the same home, the same dreams and the same hopes for a better future. A wound inflicted upon one member of our community is a wound inflicted upon us all.”

7. “I see all those red hats and white hats. It’s all happening very fast. It’s called: ‘Make America Great Again.’”

8. “Just like (the media doesn’t) want to report that I spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry and violence and strongly condemned the neo-Nazis, the White Supremacists, and the KKK.”

9. “So here is my first statement when I heard about Charlottesville – and I have a home in Charlottesville, a lot of people don’t know.”

10. “So here’s what I said, really fast, here’s what I said on Saturday: ‘We’re closely following the terrible events unfolding in Charlottesville, Virginia’ – this is me speaking. ‘We condemn in the strongest, possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence.’ That’s me speaking on Saturday.”

11. “I think I can’t do much better, right?”

12. “I hope they’re showing how many people are in this room, but they won’t”

13. “I call them anarchists. Because, believe me, we have plenty of anarchists. They don’t want to talk about the anarchists.”

14. “If you’re reading a story about somebody, you don’t know. You assume it’s honest, because it’s like the failing New York Times, which is like so bad. It’s so bad.”

15. “Or the Washington Post, which I call a lobbying tool for Amazon, OK, that’s a lobbying tool for Amazon.”

16. “Or CNN, which is so bad and so pathetic, and their ratings are going down.”

17. “I mean, CNN is really bad, but ABC this morning – I don’t watch it much, but I’m watching in the morning, and they have little George Stephanopoulos talking to Nikki Haley, right? Little George.”

18. “I didn’t say I love you because you’re black, or I love you because you’re white, or I love you because you’re from Japan, or you’re from China, or you’re from Kenya, or you’re from Scotland or Sweden. I love all the people of our country.”

19. “How about – how about all week they’re talking about the massive crowds that are going to be outside. Where are they? Well, it’s hot out. It is hot. I think it’s too warm.”

20. “You know, they show up in the helmets and the black masks, and they’ve got clubs and they’ve got everything – Antifa!”

These are what he said recently.

Having read Trump’s 2015 remarks, I have collected those he has made recently particularly about Ukraine which suggest his long-time affection for dictators, especially Vladmir Putin whose government continues to bombard our internet with damaging messages designed to attack Biden and democracy. He wants Trump to win of course, and his strategy is to keep the Ukrainian war going without resolve as long as possible which is how Russia defeated the Germans in WWII. Putin cares nothing for the deaths on both sides. He will keep power for a lot longer as his re-election proves.

Here’s some 2/23/22 comments made Trump made about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday described Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as “genius” and “savvy,” praising his onetime counterpart for a move that has spurred sanctions and universal condemnation from the U.S. government and its trans-Atlantic allies.”

Read them in full here.

Unlike Haley’s comment that Trump has changed since his earlier remarks, one can see from these later statements he has just gotten crazier. As noted by many media professionals, any of these positions should particularly concern any voter that really cares about the future of our democracy.

Now as we start of 2024 Presidential campaign, PBS on 2/12/24 said, “Trump, the front-runner in the U.S. for the Republican Party’s nomination this year, said Saturday that he once warned that he would allow Russia to do whatever it wants to NATO member nations that are ‘delinquent’ in devoting 2 percent of their gross domestic product to defense. It was the latest instance in which the former president seemed to side with an authoritarian state over America’s democratic allies.”

Read that story in full here.

To conclude with my original suggestion to the Biden campaign. Just constantly take Trump’s own words and throw in Nikki Haley’s continuing barbs and Liz Chaney’s as well!

Perhaps the necessary number of our citizens who care about democracy, integrity, and maintaining will vote against Trump. Can you envision the horror of our democratic allies at Trump’s re-election which would certainly cause the destruction of our historic worldwide role in dealing with these immense dictatorial forces of Russia, China, Iran and their terrorist allies. It was this kind of isolationist thinking that kept FDR from addressing the Nazi threat until Pearl Harbor.

Former US Navy officer, banker and venture capitalist, Donald A. Collins, a free lance writer living in Washington, DC, has spent over 50 years working for women’s reproductive health as a board member and/or officer of numerous family planning organizations including Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Guttmacher Institute, Family Health International and Ipas. Yale under graduate, NYU MBA. He is the author of “From the Dissident Left: A Collection of Essays 2004-2013”, “Trump Becoming Macbeth: Will our democracy survive?”, “We Humans Overwhelm Our Earth: 11 or 2 Billion by 2100?”, “What Can Be Done Now to Save Habitable Life on Planet Earth?”, “Vote”, “Can Homo Sapiens Survive?”, “Will Choice and Democracy Win?”, “Can Our U.S. Survive 8 Plus Billion of Us”, “Economic Growth: A Cancer on all Earthly Life”, “On the Precipice of Political Disaster in 2024” and “Democracy at Red State Risk”.

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