How The Christian Far Right Is Stealing America’s Democracy

By Rosa Rubicondior | 19 May 2024
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Most Americans Support Legal Abortion 2 Years After Roe Was Overturned | Pew Research Center

The USA no longer has the government of the people by the people and for the people that the founding fathers intended to create because the Christian far right have decided to take it away as it was not giving them the privileged access to political power to which they feel entitled.

I can say this because, despite the fact that 63% of people support a woman’ right to an abortion for any reason, this is now illegal in many states since SCOTUS reversed the decision in Roe vs Wade which gave them that right.

For America to operate as a democracy, the three branches of government – the executive; the legislature and the judiciary should reflect public opinion, not oppose it, yet Donald Trump stuffed SCOTUS with partisan Repugnican fundamentalist Christians and the Rupugnican Party is in bed with Christian far right evangelicals, resulting in a government which is imposing the will of a radical minority on the majority, despite the constitutional bar on the establishment of any religion.

The latest Pew Research poll shows how far this gap between the will of the people and the actions of the government have diverged in respect of the issue of abortion:

The biggest divide appears to be over the issue of human rights – the rights of the woman vs the rights of the unborn foetus:

But it’s when we look at the detail beneath these aggregate figures that we see where the power balance has shifted in the USA:

It is here that we see who SCOTUS and the Repugnican Party is representing in the USA today.

It’s not women or young people; it is overwhelmingly representative of middle-aged, white, male, evangelical Christians; exactly those who support Donald Trump and his democracy-hating political allies, who feel entitled to decide who should have what rights, and what form of government the American people should have.

The ease with which Donald Trump was able to create a majority on SCOTUS who share his anti-democratic, far right views, illustrates the fragility of American democracy to day; a far cry from the government of the people, by the people and for the people the founding fathers intended to create – ideas that until recently were a ‘shining beacon on the hill’ for others to admire and seek to emulate.

American now shines out as a warning to the rest of the world of just how easily democracy can be parasitised and subverted by an entitled minority, using religion as their excuse.

It should also be sounding a warning to Americans of the danger of another four years of the White House being used as the centre of Donald Trump’s crime syndicate and subversive political organisation, supported by would-be theocratic evangelical Christian extremists.

Rosa Rubicondior (a pseudonym) is a retired data analyst, biologist, blogger, author and atheist.

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