challenging religious privilege in public life



Living in the Anthropocene: Toward a New Global Ethos

A long-held religious and philosophical idea – humans as the masters of planet Earth – has turned into a stark reality.

Dishonest to God: On Keeping Religion Out of Politics

Excerpt from Baroness Professor Mary Warnock's book, "Dishonest to God: On Keeping Religion Out of Politics". Where does morality come from?

Climate Change: The Changing Landscape

We cohabit with 5-10 million other species. However, our effect on this shared environment is astonishingly disproportionate.

The New Inquisition – the Roman Catholic Man Cult’s Modern War on Women

The church has not kicked the habit of domination by fear and terror. Here’s how it works in an inquisition whether ancient or current.

Exactly what kind of “Christian nation” do these people want?

Many Americans are saying that America should be a Christian nation. Do they mean a Christian nation like the one I grew up in?

Our Chairman Stephen D. Mumford, DrPH

N4CM Chairman Dr Stephen D Mumford is the founder and President of the Center for Research on Population and Security.

Petition to the UN in support of human embryonic stem cell research signed by 33 Nobel Laureates

Our petition has been signed by more than 700 scientists and scholars from around the world, including 31 Nobel Laureates.

The Catholic Doctrine and Reproductive Health: Why the Church Can’t Change

The anti-abortion movement in the United States was created in response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade in 1973...

The Religious Right’s Continuing Assault on Modernity

Eventually, organized religion will have to reconcile itself with the 21st century and its scientific and intellectual standards and requirements.