challenging religious privilege in public life



No, It’s Not the Anthropocene; Try ‘The Great Burning’

A committee of researchers has decided that the Anthropocene will not become an official epoch in Earth’s geological timeline.

Will The French Election Result Awaken Many Voters To Trump’s Comparable Threat?

Instead of ushering in France’s first far-right government since World War II, voters boosted the left, a defeat for Marine Le Pen’s populist party.

Nonbelievers are often persecuted

The Enlightenment gradually erased the power of the church to kill doubters. But blasphemy laws continued sending them to prison.

Will Superintelligence cause our extinction or pave the way for a human species evolution?

There are top AI scientists who all point to 2030 as the time by when we will lose control over the (self)development of AI.

Trump’s platform is a gift for abortion foes. He hopes nobody notices

When it comes to abortion, Project 2025 endorses banning abortion, along with contraception and in vitro fertilization.

Democrats Have A Very Short Window To Decide To Keep Supporting President Biden And His Proud Record And Legacy!

Naysaying hurts the main goal now of beating Trump and I predict leading Democrats will soon realize it is time to get aboard.

There’s Too Much Evil and Cruelty in Religion

What's the use of believing in – and worshipping – an all-powerful God if he can’t put his powers to use at crucial moments?

Analysis Shows Climate-Fueled Flooding Threatens Millions in US

An analysis has revealed that rising seas threaten infrastructure critical for millions of people in hundreds of U.S. communities.

Is the Human Genome Sacred?

If gene editing has the potential for improving human health, then we should embrace CRISPR's benefits.

The Supreme Court’s Immunity Decision Tops Dobbs In The Danger To Our Democracy!

“In every use of official power, the President is now a king above the law,” wrote Justice Sotomayor.