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“Ya Got Trouble” And It Got Well Started With Ike’s Warning About The MIC!

Probably few remember President Eisenhower’s warning about the growing power of what he called the Military Industrial Complex (MIC).

Were US War Profiteers the Ultimate Winners in Battle-Scarred Afghanistan?

Perhaps there was one undisputed winner in this trillion-dollar extravaganza worthy of a Hollywood block buster: the military-industrial complex.

The Blame Biden Boys Have Short Memories

The hue and cry from the same voices that backed Trump’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan have now reached fever pitch.

Afghanistan – What Will Happen Now?

How will the Taliban treat the thousands of Afghans who were partnering the Americans and their allies in trying to rebuild the country?

Poke Hornets’ Nests Long Enough And You Get Stung!

Biden made a sensible decision which should be underlined with a recitation of the human and financial costs of our so called “police actions”.

Human Ingenuity Now Needed for Our Survival

The underlying solution for global problems requires us to reduce our human numbers substantially or we threaten the survival of us Homo Sapiens.

Immigration And Police Actions Are Bi-Partisan Failures!

We have already heard from some military figures moaning about our leaving Afghanistan, but Biden got it politically and morally correct.

Three January 6th Books About Trump Are In The 8/8/21 NY Times Book Review Non Fiction Best Seller List!

Those books on Trump I reported on have not been ignored by the media and have been heard about by almost all of us.

Reichstag Moment On January 6th? Yes!

Reading the final chapters of this masterful reporting job, “I Alone Can Fix It” proves Pelosi’s belief that Trump is crazy.

GOP’s Trump Legacy Is Its COVID-19 Indifference Which Is Now Exploding!

President Biden was shown on CNN early on August 4th saying that a third of all new COVID cases are in Florida and Texas.