challenging religious privilege in public life



Is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) possible?

The central estimate on the prediction market Metaculus for the arrival of a basic form of AGI is currently 2026, just three years away.

American authoritarianism has a long history. What can it tell us about Trump and the battle for America’s soul?

Republicans and Democrats are more divided along ideological lines than at any point in the last two decades.

The Catholic Inquisition, Methods Of Torture And Victims

The torture of the pulley was called the first torture of the Inquisition. The victim was stripped and his hands tied behind his back.

Understanding The Supreme Court’s Immunity Decision

Donald Trump asked for immunity to assassinate his political opponents. The Supreme Court has taken a big step in his direction.

On Dobbs Anniversary, Advocates Mark ‘Two Years of Outrage’ and Rally for Abortion Rights

Women shouldn’t have to wait to see if the Supreme Court will decide if they can get lifesaving healthcare in all states.

Religion affects birth rates

The global human population will increase by 2.4 billion to 2088, according to the UN. The role of religion, however, could potentially be reversed.

Biden’s Debate Loss Clarifies The “Must” Priority In This Election: Defeat Trump!

Now we know that the only possible positive outcome for the USA and the free world on November 5th must be Trump's defeat.

The 100-year life is here. How can we meet the challenges of longevity? An expert explains

Over the last 200 years, people in all countries in the world achieved impressive progress in health that led to increases in life expectancy.

A Single Robot Could Provide a Mission To Mars With Enough Water and Oxygen

Utilizing regolith on the Moon or Mars is a common theme in the more engineering-minded space exploration community.

New Poll claims Trump trusted more than Biden on democracy among key swing-state voters

If we elect Trump we will define freedom to court disaster and encourage the growing attacks worldwide on freedom.