challenging religious privilege in public life



Trump’s Horrific Record Has Now Been Fully Chronicled. To What Effect?

The verdict of the Trump years is up for grabs and our future hangs in the balance pending the results of the midterms and 2024.

The Wall Street Journal Makes Peggy Noonan’s Column of July 29th Hard To Find!

Peggy Noonan’s honesty seems a GOP rarity these days as Donald Trump raises millions for his future political actions.

Hello, Suckers! Did Some GOPers Finally Wake Up?

Many of Trump’s supporters may begin to see the futility of vote blocking against a rising demographic tide.

Wall Street Journal Page One Article Pushes Global Disaster

These pro-growth WSJ authors must not read the news about the worldwide human turmoil appearing daily in their own paper and in all responsible media.

The GOP Apparently Only Can Act In Its Political Self Interest

What kind of governance does the GOP represent? Not much of anything for their voters whose numbers are shrinking daily.

Did Bezos In Seeing Earth From Afar Really Understand Its Fragility?

Our greatest problem is not that science has failed to tell us how to fix the planet, but getting this Earth fixing process really going.

GOP’s Moral Failures Imperil Our Democracy

The GOP efforts to lessen minority voting really represents the ultimate fault which must NOT be instituted in the US.

Racism Redefined Could Echo In ‘22!

Does Trump deserve jail time? Firsthand accounts by credible reporters of his aberrant, corrupt, treasonous behavior should not be ignored.

Cowpiracy Film Confirms Earth’s Human Overfeed!!

We have virtually run out of more agriculturally available land to feed present human numbers. Water and climate are of course related issues.

Trump Gets Unfrocked Completely!

On July 13 on CNN’s morning show, author Michael Wolff was reviewed about his new book’s expose about Trump and Guiliani.