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Abuse in the Church


Holy Horrors: Here are the major Christian Vs Christian bloodbaths

Throughout Europe, the number of wars, expulsions, massacres, and executions that accompanied the Reformation are almost beyond counting.

Vatican documents reveal secret back channel between Pope Pius XII and Hitler

In August 1939, Hitler engaged in secret negotiations with Pope Pius XII, the existence of which the Vatican has eagerly kept hidden for eight decades.

Some Examples of Christian Genocide

Cortés, the leader of the Conquistadores, was another keen Christian. His record was even worse than that of Columbus.

Europe’s sectarian wars lasted forever

Rampant corruption in the medieval Catholic Church triggered the Reformation, a never-ending bloodbath of Catholic-Protestant wars in Europe.

The Catholic Inquisition, Methods Of Torture And Victims

The torture of the pulley was called the first torture of the Inquisition. The victim was stripped and his hands tied behind his back.

The Catholic Inquisition And Torture

To be broken on the rack, burning alive, and hanging drawing and quartering were all death by torture.

The Political Religions That Brought Down Roe

The Catholic Church has been the principal religious opponent to advances in birth control and abortion rights and access.

The Popes that reveal medieval Vatican to be a crime scene

The Borgias were suspected of various murders. They employed cantarella, a variation of arsenic, which was dubbed "the liquor of succession".

How the Catholic Church was largely responsible for the Dark Ages

Greek literature was preserved in the Greek Byzantine Empire, and was conveyed to Europe by the Jews and Moors.

How Christians Gave Hitler Power

The Catholic Church congratulated Hitler, and commanded the laity to be loyal to this regime, as it always did.