challenging religious privilege in public life

American Democracy and the Vatican


Why America has to confront the Vatican

An American confrontation with the Vatican over its anti-family-planning efforts is prerequisite to removal of this obstruction to the common good.

The Vatican Is Primarily Responsible for Overpopulation Worldwide

The Vatican has called on its bishops, all of whom are completely loyal, to thwart efforts for population growth control.

Vatican Power Over Governments

The Vatican is, above all, an organisational weapon in the hands of the papacy and other top ecclesiastical officials.

The Catholic Church and Its Preoccupation with Power

The Vatican and Catholic hierarchy in general concern themselves too much with dominance and too little with social justice.

Why the Catholic Church has survived for 2000 years

What distinguishes the tyranny of the Catholic Church is its explanation of its actions in terms of "virtue".

How the Vatican influences population growth policy

The Vatican successfully blocks consideration of the reality that population growth is the most serious threat to the security of all nations.

Religion and Overpopulation: Threats to Human Survival

If the Catholic Church is not the only important opposition to population growth control, it is, at least, the most significant opposition.

The Vatican’s sabotage of efforts to address population growth

The Vatican is successfully blocking consideration of the reality that popu­lation growth is the most serious threat to the security of all nations.

Population Growth: The Radical Religious and the American Military

How is the US preparing militarily for the threat of overpopulation and what are the Vatican’s activities to thwart those preparations?

The Vatican’s infiltration and cooptation of American population organizations

Since the days of Margaret Sanger, the Church has ordered members to infiltrate population organizations.