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Artificial Intelligence


Superintelligence: The Final Frontier of Artificial Intelligence

As AI capabilities continue to advance, there is a concept that fascinates researchers, ethicists, and futurists: superintelligence.

How to create Superintelligence?

How could we create Superintelligence? All ingredients to create it are already here, apart from cognition and (eventually) consciousness.

Four ways artificial intelligence is helping us learn about the universe

Astronomers are turning to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to build new tools to search for the next big breakthroughs.

Transhumanism: billionaires want to use tech to enhance our abilities – the outcomes could change what it means to be human

Many prominent people in the tech industry have talked about the increasing convergence between humans and machines in coming decades.

Superintelligence may be closer than most people think

AI is already very powerful, and most people agree that it will transform every industry and every aspect of our lives.

From human extinction to super intelligence, two futurists explain

There is a decent chance that artificial intelligence is a good thing. Depends on whether we can make it such that it is friendly.

Accelerating how new drugs are made with machine learning

Researchers have developed a platform that combines automated experiments with AI to predict how chemicals will react with one another.

Beyond Science Fiction: How hybrid systems are becoming a reality?

Hybrid machines combining human anatomy with AI are becoming a reality with the recent innovations of hybrid transistors and biocomputers.

Futurists predict a point where humans and machines become one. But will we see it coming?

Many philosophers and scientists think AI could one day reach (or even go beyond) human-style "thinking".

Forget dystopian scenarios – AI is pervasive today, and the risks are often hidden

Developing AGI has become entwined with the idea of AI acquiring superintelligent capabilities.