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Artificial Intelligence


Human extinction or Posthuman evolution?

We are the only species which is consciously capable of minimizing the risk of its extinction and control its own evolution in a desired direction.

How technology can combat the rising tide of fake science

Science gets a lot of respect these days. Unfortunately, it’s also getting a lot of competition from misinformation.

Study shows AI-generated fake reports fool experts

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have already faced the challenges of AI-generated fake news across platforms.

Filling the AI skills gap – ‘If we sit back and do nothing, we will fail’

Business leaders and government executives will have to focus on how people are re-skilled to make the most of emerging technologies.

The US National Security Commission issues its “Final Report on AI in Defense and Intelligence” – here are the takeaways

Meaningful decisions are needed now by the Biden administration to accelerate AI innovation to benefit the US and defend against AI's malign uses.

Microsoft wins $21 billion Army contract for augmented reality headsets

Microsoft is to sell augmented reality headsets to the US army in a deal worth up to $21.9bn over 10 years.

Brain-Computer Interfaces: The Next Step in Human Evolution

We are well on our way as Homo sapiens to becoming a species that fully merges technology with our organic bodies.

Will robots make good friends? Scientists are already starting to find out

Robotic companionship can constructively augment people's lives, leading to friendships that are comparable to human-to-human relationships.

Will Superintelligence cause our extinction or pave the way for a human species evolution?

There are top AI scientists who all point to 2030 as the time by when we will lose control over the (self)development of AI.

Five ways artificial intelligence can help space exploration

From designing missions to clearing Earth's orbit of junk, here are a few ways artificial intelligence can help us venture further in space.