challenging religious privilege in public life



Religions And How They Affect Us

The only conclusion one can possibly make is that all religions are conceived by humans and thus are not Divine, whatever Divine means.

Morality evolved – too late for Alan Turing

Ministers hail "God's eternal laws", the supposedly changeless morality rules of the Bible. But they’re wrong. Morality evolves constantly.

When thinking is made a crime

Arrival of The Enlightenment gradually erased the church's power to kill people. But blasphemy laws still sent nonconformists to prison.

Many, Many, Many Gods

In every prehistoric culture, a priest class arose, seizing enormous power by claiming to appease and invoke invisible gods.

The Logic of Atheism

We know logic works. But, as atheists, we are interested in how logic frees us from the chains of religions.

The Future of Christianity

Think of the good work that could be done through secular organizations using money saved by not subsidizing churches.

Buddha, Abraham, Jesus, Muhammed – Larger-than-life historic figures or largely legends?

We know less than you might think about the lives of Buddha, Abraham, Jesus, Muhammed, and most other religious founders.

Christianity and Dysfunctional Societies

Church people commonly claim that if all communities were Christian the result would be moral health, peace, and happiness.

Secular Surge

The long-foreseen Secular Age is arriving. Survey after survey finds snowballing increases of Americans who say their religion is "none".

Even setting evolution aside, basic geology disproves creationism

Overlooked is how the young Earth creationist's literal interpretation of biblical stories runs afoul of basic geological observations.