challenging religious privilege in public life



The search for meaning in these times

Priests and scriptures say a magical, invisible God created the universe, and put people here to be tested. But some of us can’t swallow it.

The best and worst of times

The steady decline of supernatural religion is a human improvement because it advances scientific honesty instead of magical fairy tales.

White evangelicals are opposed to Jesus

Clearly Jesus espoused values aligned with the modern political left. Sometimes, this facet of religion is called the "social gospel".

Thomas Edison was a whimsical skeptic

Edison is greatly admired even today for his scientific genius but his views on religion are unfortunately little remembered.

2000 Years of Disbelief: Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815 – 1902)

The struggle for women's rights in America was launched largely by one brilliant, determined activist who waged the battle for a half century.

America doesn’t need more God. It needs more atheists.

Being active as an atheist is crucial if you want to stand up for your belief that no God is going to save the world.

A dubious prize that aims to validate religion

At first, the Templeton Prize went mostly to religious figures. Then it veered to major scientists who didn’t denounce supernaturalism.

Free speech is sacred

Free speech means the right to voice any beliefs or ideas, even unpopular ones without fear of being punished.

Freud deemed religion a childish illusion

The public is generally unaware, that Freud was a fervent crusader against religion, which he deemed an obstacle to human intelligence.

Judging the Religious Record

The lesson for religious apologists is this: You cannot expunge the bad stuff about your religion.