challenging religious privilege in public life



Europe’s sectarian wars lasted forever

Corruption in the medieval Catholic Church triggered the Reformation, a never-ending bloodbath of Catholic-Protestant wars in Europe.

The long history of how Jesus came to resemble a white European

The historical Jesus likely had the brown eyes and skin of other first-century Jews from Galilee, a region in biblical Israel.

Holy Horrors: The medieval Catholic hierarchy

Popes, cardinals, archbishops, abbots, bishops, priests, and monks kept concubines and pocketed church wealth.

What Would Change Your Mind About God?

Uncertainty about the existence of a god should rank with uncertainty about things like fairies in the bottom of the garden.

America doesn’t need more God. It needs more atheists.

Being active as an atheist is crucial if you want to stand up for your belief that no God is going to save the world.

Judging the Religious Record

The lesson for religious apologists is this: You cannot expunge the bad stuff about your religion.

Holy Horrors: Here are the major Christian Vs Christian bloodbaths

Throughout Europe, the number of wars, expulsions, massacres, and executions that accompanied the Reformation are beyond counting.

Are Religious Dictatorships a Good Idea?

The addiction to religious fantasy and delusion in Catholicism – which erupt in worship and ritual – is alarming.

The endless absurdities of religion

It’s often said that everyone should respect the "great truths" contained in all faiths. If you see any, please let me know.

The Horrifying Sins of Christianity, Century after Century

Charles Bufe’s 2022 book, "24 Reasons to Abandon Christianity" provides a wealth of information on these realities.