challenging religious privilege in public life



Holy Horrors: Here are the major Christian Vs Christian bloodbaths

Throughout Europe, the number of wars, expulsions, massacres, and executions that accompanied the Reformation are beyond counting.

Are Religious Dictatorships a Good Idea?

The addiction to religious fantasy and delusion in Catholicism – which erupt in worship and ritual – is alarming.

The endless absurdities of religion

It’s often said that everyone should respect the "great truths" contained in all faiths. If you see any, please let me know.

The Horrifying Sins of Christianity, Century after Century

Charles Bufe’s 2022 book, "24 Reasons to Abandon Christianity" provides a wealth of information on these realities.

On the Right to Have Rights If There Is No God There to Grant Any

The Bible is inadequate for protecting human rights that all modern Americans take for granted as obviously wise and just rights.

Leaders Say the US is Christian, So…

The religiosity and the devotion to the myth of the US being founded as a Christian nation is quite widespread and persistent.

On Taking the “No-Risk Bet” and Believing in God

Betting the only life you have on a doubtful proposition just because the odds seem to be intimidating doesn’t really make sense.

God and Horrendous Suffering

If we think exclusively in terms of probabilities, the more horrendous suffering that exists, the less probable an omni-everything God exists.

On Declaring Ourselves Independent of Christianity

The US Constitution is literally a "godless" document: the word "God" does not appear anywhere in the country's legal document.

Aren’t Atheists Afraid of Death and Dying?

Most atheists I know think speculation on an afterlife is as pointless as speculation on a "beforelife" would be.