challenging religious privilege in public life



Shoot for the Moon: Its Surface Contains a Pot of Gold

The cost of helium-3 has skyrocketed. Less is available now for medical uses – unless, of course, we begin mining it on the moon.

Henry Aaron’s life story offers a huge example to the GOP to embrace racial equity

Evolution has taken time but the election of two Democratic senators from Georgia was proof of Trump’s diminishment.

Trump’s GOP or McConnell’s GOP? It depends on Conviction or not!

Trump's life history has come to be so heinously disreputable and now capped with his role in fostering the January 6th Capitol assault.

Some day after Inauguration Day thoughts

We will have to harken to facts and in effect grow up from the infantile embrace of Trump’s egotistical fantasies.

Venus may have once been habitable: Can we make it that way again?

Data from NASA’s Magellan mission to Venus were found to support the idea of a once habitable Venus.

A day of celebration with high hopes for a successful Presidency

Biden needs to stay firm in favor of conviction on this most egregious betrayal of Trump's oath of office in our entire history!

Trump Echoes Civil War Era Racism! Convict Him!

We as a republic are not going back to the post Reconstruction era even if some in the GOP would like us to.

America Was Lucky if We Get What Happened on January 6th and Act

Over 100 Republican members of the US House and who knows how many in the Senate, are still not willing to impeach Trump.

This Trump Exit Needs Sharply Marked With An Impeachment

This was a mob trying to take steps which were urged by the President of the United States amidst our worsening ongoing pandemic.

On January 6th 2021 Donald Trump exploded. He is politically done but still President

What will our elected officials now do? It is likely too late for impeachment and conviction and for invoking the 25th Amendment.