challenging religious privilege in public life



Trump Tried To Do A Coup On January 6th While President. How Is He Not In Jail?

Some of the most telling quotes about Trump’s January 6th behavior came from Colin Powell in an interview with Bob Woodward.

What Can Be Done Now To Save Habitable Life On Planet Earth?

Are humans, largely unknowingly, plummeting into a territory of living conditions previously unknown to us?

China’s Premier Chi Implies With COVID His System Works Better Than Our Democracy

If asked before our democratic system elected Donald Trump, a majority of Americans would undoubtedly have said we do better than China.

Citizens Awaken! You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Life

Over 60 million Americans have not been vaccinated and over 97% of the deaths are to those people who are unvaccinated.

Humans’ Habitable Survival On Earth Lessens As We Ignore All Advice…

The evidence is clear and has been for some time that human life on Earth is under huge pressure, getting worse daily.

Judging Heroes Can Be Tricky, But Not In Trump’s Case

Trump could run in 2024 and get elected, an echo back to Hitler’s route to authoritarianism. The loss of our democracy is on the line.

Is A Racist And Frightened GOP Willing To Kill Our Democracy?

If Biden’s major programs fail, will the GOP win power in the midterms and set the stage for Trump to run in 2024? Quite possibly.

Will The Adolph Clone Of The Republican Party Continue To Hold It Hostage?

The Senate Judiciary Committee has released a sweeping report detailing how Trump tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The Abortion Crisis Has An Obvious Easy Solution. Or A Needlessly Disruptive Mess

Righteous indignation will be too mild a reaction if the Supreme Court makes such a flawed decision after 48 years of choice under Roe!

Biased Political And Religious Misbehavior Now Blocks Secular Rights, Fosters Key Institutional Destruction

Those of us who care for secular wellbeing must not allow religious orthodoxy and felonious criminal behavior to stand in the way of justice.