challenging religious privilege in public life



Chris Christie: The Ex Avatar Now Tells The Truth About Trump! The GOP Needs Fewer Cowards! Where Is George W. Bush’s Voice???

Christie’s voice, along with Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, demonstrates the criminal cowardice of GOP leadership.

Trump’s MAGA GOP Is Corrupt, Irresponsible and Treasonable!

Trump could abandon NATO and attempt to remove the 22nd Amendment to our Constitution so he might remain President for life.

The search for meaning in these times

Priests and scriptures say a magical, invisible God created the universe, and put people here to be tested. But some of us can’t swallow it.

Trump Is Now Often Cited As A Likely Two Term President!!!!

All the GOP corruption and indifference to integrity do not seem to deter those who are anxious to elect Trump to a 2nd term.

GOP’s Lack Of Integrity Exemplified By Its GOP Supreme Court Justices!

With Congress deeply divided, and GOP justices resisting ethical rules, getting a meaningful code of ethics at our highest court is unlikely.

The best and worst of times

The steady decline of supernatural religion is a human improvement because it advances scientific honesty instead of magical fairy tales.

White evangelicals are opposed to Jesus

Clearly Jesus espoused values aligned with the modern political left. Sometimes, this facet of religion is called the "social gospel".

Rosalynn Carter Symbolizes The Start With Reagan Of The Fall Of GOP Integrity!

The Carters offer a prime example of where we should be headed. Will we choose a man of integrity and stability in 2024?

Thomas Edison was a whimsical skeptic

Edison is greatly admired even today for his scientific genius but his views on religion are unfortunately little remembered.

Trump Plans For His 2nd Term Are Hitleristic! My Primary State Of Mind? Anger!! How about you?

In a speech Trump has promised "he would target his perceived opponents as though they were disease-carrying animals".