challenging religious privilege in public life



Science Always Defeats Religion

Richard Dawkins says faith "subverts science and saps the intellect". Luckily, it's still losing the war between science and religion.

Trump: The Worst Presidency $$$ Money Can Buy!!

Trump has benefited from a huge surge in donations for his Presidential campaign from many rich Americans.

The Gap Between Church And State Will Be Trashed By A Trump 2nd Term

Former President Donald Trump has promised to use a second term in the White House to defend Christian values.

More Taxes Needed Now. Trump’s 2017 Precipitous Tax Cut Failed! Our National Debt Booms And Needs To Be Curbed.

Trump’s term added $8 trillion to the national debt and of course now the GOP is crying about paying 28 percent in corporate taxes.

Are AI Ties With The Pope And Microsoft Safe For Choice?

One must wonder what the Pope brings to this discussion except the opportunity to bring his ideology into the center of a vital secular issue.

Abortion Bans Link Advances To All Trump’s Tyrannies!

Failing to vote for Biden considering Trump's plans to undermine our freedoms is akin to me to voters committing felonies themselves!!

Europe’s sectarian wars lasted forever

Corruption in the medieval Catholic Church triggered the Reformation, a never-ending bloodbath of Catholic-Protestant wars in Europe.

Does Hunter’s Conviction Help His Dad’s Election?

Do Americans would rather have a dictator tell us what our rights are on choice, voting, gun control, climate, religion or many other issues?

Do You Really Want To Elect Trump And His Associates?

Trump has amassed the most impressive list of immoral scallywags as key advisors of any President in the history of our country!

Personal Memories Recalled By Biden’s Honoring Our WW II heroes On D-Day

President Joe Biden has summoned Americans to defend democracy from threats at home and abroad.