challenging religious privilege in public life

Donald A. Collins


The Certainty: More Future Failures Under Trump if Re-elected

Think carefully, Trumpers, as while you likely have already voted you will regret deeply your choice.

Let Morality and Common Sense Combine for Our Future

General John Kelly is reported by CNN to have told friends that Trump "is the most flawed person" he has ever met.

How Trump became President? Read “Disloyal: A Memoir”!

Cohen's story rings frighteningly true and offers voters insights about Trump which are more devastating than any they may have read so far.

Trump Is Desperate, But Don’t Get Too Confident

Trump is showing signs of desperation even as his dangerous egotism springs forth at every public occasion he stages.

Can Trump be sued after he leaves the White House?

Trump could have since his election left a long trail of possible misdeeds which might encourage prosecution upon his leaving office.

Dealing with overpopulation and environmental degradation urgently required

Human failure to deal with the issues of population growth and environmental degradation have never been so universally evident.

‘Caste’ by Isabel Wilkerson and Me

If Trump’s brand of racism and class classification is allowed to stand, Americans are in real threat of greatly diminishing our democracy.

Trump’s Conservatism not the road to safety or democracy

The perfidy of the present right wingers should alert us from ever supporting institutions who embrace Trump or McConnell.

How US Taxpayers Assumed the National Debt of the Super Rich

More taxes are urgently needed to help our burgeoning social and environmental problems. 28 percent is a start but not enough.

Trump’s Behavioral Qualities Bring Fierce Opposition From Many In Both Parties

We need a new shuffle of the deck and Biden represents a return to proven competence and certainly a higher moral standing.