challenging religious privilege in public life

Donald A. Collins


Has Common Sense Abandoned Our Long-Treasured Rule of Law Only For Political Advantage? The Outcome of Our Votes In The Midterms May Tell Us

Trump's constant attacks has had a highly deleterious effect of major consequences on our democracy.

President Biden: He Is The Perfect Avatar For Resetting Women’s Constitutional Right To Abortion! Catholics For Choice, NARAL and PPFA Should Embrace His Courage

Biden could very well be the perfect avatar to help restore this public health service so abruptly withdrawn by religious fiat.

Abortion Choice: Good People On Both Sides? You Decide!!

In our fragile and deeply troubled democracy, polls consistently show roughly 70 percent of us favour abortion choice.

The Late Hans Rosling’s Last Book Claimed that Most Human Lives Now Are Getting Better And Better: The New Julian Simon?

Its main message is that the dismal truths about the dangerous planetary trends other researchers have told us about are wrong.

Kansas Women Set The Pro Choice Goal For All Of Us! Fixing Abortion Choice Now Depends On Our Midterms Votes!

Kansas women have made clear their support for their existing state's abortion law in a pre-midterm election.

Hello Homo Sapiens! Is The 6th Mass Extinction Well Underway? Indeed!

In short, the age of the widespread use of fossil fuel has in less than 100 years brought us to the brink of collapse.

Will Golf Be Trump’s Achilles Heel?

That Trump is a heel has already been proved. We can only hope for his comeuppance as his criminal record unravels.

Trump And The Saudi Bought LIV Golfers Are Alike Partners As They Attack The Stability Of Key Institutions!

Trump has been undermining traditionally effective institutions with lies and extreme corruption in pursuit of power.

The Roe Mess Just Adds To The Deep Social Trauma Existing In The US Already

The same antediluvian retro fascists who applauded the killing of Roe are considering ways to restrict the availability of contraception.

To Renew Itself Our Democracy Needs A Trump Indictment!

Impeccable evidence of widespread Trump and his GOP guilt is now established. Many indisputable facts have been widely disseminated.