challenging religious privilege in public life

Donald A. Collins


Dr King’s 1/18/63 Interview with David Susskind Jolted JFK’s Lack Of Morality Into Action And Change On Civil Rights

King’s admonitions jolted President Kennedy’s inaction on civil rights into a speech on TV which brought Democrats closer to civil rights action.

How Many Unvaccinated Are Religious? What Would Be Your Hope For Religion?

I have no problem with those who belong to religious congregations so long as they stay out of interfering with democratically derived secular law.

Will Trump’s 1/6/21 Hitlerlike Storm Trooper Plan To Destroy Our Democracy Ultimately Win?

Vote rigging in many states controlled by Republican legislatures could insure that Trump wins a 2nd term without another insurrection.

Another GOP Leader Says No To The House’s January 6th Request. Is That Now 100% So Far Of Those Who Oppose Seeking The Truth?

So far requests for appearances by GOP leaders with the House Commission on January 6th have mostly been declined.

War Won’t Solve A Thing Anymore! It Is Obselete

With overpopulation and climate change, the absurdity of not cooperating to survive becomes ever more evident.

Is It Time To Form A New Party? How About A “Constitution Party”?

It will take time after 2024 to excise most of Trump’s cancer from our country, but a fresh start must begin with a new party.

Trump’s Republican Party Now Morally Bankrupt. Time For A New Party?

It is often alleged that Mark Twain authored the aphorism “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes”.

Right Or Left A Demagogue Wants Fascist Power!

Republicans have introduced more than 440 bills that restrict voting access in 49 states during the 2021 legislative sessions.

Physical And Mental Wellness As One Ages Needs A Plan

Today’s extreme political disarray doubtless affects most of us regardless of which view of our future democracy you favour.

My Yale 1953 Classmates Are Mostly Dead But I’m Still Alive And Still Proclaiming! Is War Obsolete?

When I depart this life shortly, I expect to see no real immediate action by world leadership except continuing non-population crisis recognition.