challenging religious privilege in public life

Donald A. Collins


Will action on overpopulation come fast enough to save democracy?

We are at a time here and worldwide of ultimate need for urgent actions on human numbers and human freedom.

When Do All People Prioritize Family Planning?

Preaching for fewer people has not proved able to keep human numbers from exploding and now we are at a planetary resource meltdown.

Don’t miss “8 Billion Angels” a Vimeo trailer on the certain human destruction as our excess human numbers are overusing our planet’s resources! A solution needs all of us

Our present numbers are rushing us humans to our own deaths as we kill the very life sustaining assets that keep us alive.

Are Seemingly Unsolvable Issues Offered Options? As With Gene Tool CRISPR To Stem Our Population Growth?

Could the CRISPR scientific collaboration lead us to recognizing the enormity of our looming global population growth crisis?

Finally A Realistic Major Media Piece On Trump’s Future

A major editorial opinion from the Washington Post succinctly enumerates many reasons for Trump’s plunge to political insignificance.

Growth Is A Cancer With Apparenty Fatal Planetary Appeal

Huge pushers for growth are the world’s religions which seek to match numbers against each other worldwide.

Is China Catching up to the USA?

In the future will our democracy provide the model for world governing or will the Chi and Kim models prevail?

EcoCide offers us humans an obvious path to planetary oblivion

The ravaging of irreplaceable natural resources such as the Amazon rain forest finally sparked some experts to use the term ECOCIDE.

Republican hatred could echo into 2022; hope not!

Biden has the perfect political skills needed to allow a brisk economic recovery while avoiding the hatred projected by Trump.

Trump will be politically dead by 2024

Biden’s only task is to keep governing from the middle as the middle is perceived by the vast majority of all Americans!