challenging religious privilege in public life

Donald A. Collins


Is A Majority Of US Supreme Court Justices About To Vote To Murder Poor Minority Women? Yes.

That the Supreme Court has 6 Catholics makes the sad case they rule for the Pope not the American people they were selected to serve.

All Americans Need To Read The New Harvard Report On Our Slavery History. Remember Many Conservatives Aren’t For Your Personal Freedoms!

The whole nation, not just the South, grew rich and powerful from the unpaid labor of enslaved African Americans.

How Many Homo Sapiens Will Survive Our Atomic Bomb Era?

After the city of Hiroshima got the first atomic bomb attack in 1945, Albert Einstein postulated about the future in the atomic bomb era.

Nuclear Suicide Should Be Described More Precisely. What Was The Hiroshima’s A-Bomb Power? Still It’s Key To Call Putin’s Bluff!

Putin’s actions are holding the world hostage! It will be far easier to face his nuclear threats sooner than later.

Our Democracy And All Nations Will Fail If Strong Enlightened Governing Fails

The urgency of Earth’s climate crisis is bringing down any reasonable potential for habitable life for all life on our tiny planet.

Are Americans Going To Vote In The Midterms For A Party Lacking A Moral Compass And No Programs Except “No”?

Likely according to the polls the Grand Old Party is positioned to take over in November both houses of Congress.

Do GOP Claims Of Personal Freedoms Ring True? See You At the Midterms!

If you want to foster freedom to undermine our democratic institutions, then you will want to vote Republican in the midterms this November.

Abortion Choice Now Enters The Realm Of Insanity! It Places Another Impediment Against The Route To Women’s Equity And Planetary Survival

The loss of freedom over abortion choice will symbolize the wane of secular rights guaranteed by our founding documents.

Some Thoughts On Watching Justice Jackson’s Conformation: The Cost Of Not Sharing? Our Democracy!

The latest governing versions of the present GOP features non-governance, obstructionism, and other authoritarian behavior.