challenging religious privilege in public life

Donald A. Collins


If Roe/Casey Is Killed In June, Is The US Supreme Court Guilty Of Murder?

Many states are restricting reproductive freedom. Neighboring states are trying to compensate. The assault on Roe is already here.

Has Putin Started What Is World War Three On An Earth In Need Of Urgent Climate and Environmental Help?

The UN climate report released on 4 April shows an urgent need to stop pollution and keep global warming in check NOW!

Birth Control Needs Unmet Now Are Key To Human Survival

Well-meaning people of all political and religious beliefs frequently come to irreconcilable positions on such issues as abortion.

A Unique World Crisis Which Homo Sapiens Had Better Heed

Will recognition of the actions necessary to save our fragile planet cause solutions to our climate, environment, and population growth crises?

Putin And Trump Are On The Same Page: Authoritarianism!

The parallels are clear between Putin's behavior and Trump's efforts to undermine our democracy.

World War Three? How Close? Delayed?

WWIII by a negotiated deal between Zelensky and Putin will be delayed but never in the world's future to be taken off the table.

Does Ray Dalio’s View Of World Power Cycles Omit The Unique Circumstances Of Our Time And Our Special US Skills?

This qualified financial investor has written a highly useful book which gives us a review of the history about the rise and fall of empires.

Getting Rid Of Evil Isn’t Easy But Now Is Vital To Our Democracy. And Perhaps To World Survival?

As Putin’s dangerous war escalates, full, careful US bi-partisan coordination becomes urgent and vital.

Putin’s War Offers The World The Chance To Refocus On Alternative Energy Sources! And A Negotiated Settlement Of The War

This horrendous Ukrainian war has obscured focus on the urgent need to find alternative ways to serve our growing population's electricity needs.

Putin Is A War Criminal But Not Destroying Ukraine Mandates A Compromise!

The horrors of what we clearly see escalating will serve as a reminder to Putin to not make such a bad judgement again about Ukraine.