challenging religious privilege in public life

Donald A. Collins


Pontificating The Same Hard Line With Humility and Sly Softness

Francis may be humble, but he in his heart he evinces and maintains all the beliefs that have made this religion so onerous.

NY Times Columnist Likes Governor Perry’s War On Women

If you are paid to write something daily, you can’t help but have days really reaching for something intelligent to say. Thus the number of…

Power People Dismiss Or Ignore Predictable Catastrophic Population Proliferation

After decades of feckless government mismanagement of immigration, we added over 100 million new comers since the law was changed in 1965.

Pronatalism (and Male Dominated Monotheistic Religions) Keep Birth Control at Bay

It remains my strong belief that the fierce opposition of most of the world’s major monotheistic religions against providing women family planning has been the…

Snowden Case Raises Complex Loyalty Issues, oddly perhaps about Planetary Survival

A hundred years from now could there be a new reformation which would take some form of universal atheism or humanism?

Does Catholic Charities Want Lots of Uneducated Immigrants?

It seems Catholic Charities want more immigrants, but not bright ones, especially ones who can speak English.

Republican Hysteria Over Immigration Reform Misses A Main Demographic: WOMEN

Yes, Republicans, you are politically drowning in your own flawed ideology when you persistently attack women’s reproductive rights.

Plan B’s US Victory Might Be Just The Start of Full Reproductive Choice Worldwide

Can you believe how bad the Vatican has been at marketing its antiquated views to its allegedly vast committed base of supplicants?

Do We Care That Religious Salvation Omits Human and Environmental Salvation?

The world remains dominated by male leaders who all too often feel so bloody good about solutions than seem to require bloodletting.

Democrat Says Given US Unemployment, Overcrowding, Another Amnesty Now Would Be Real Chutzpah

Surely Americans of all colors, creeds and political commitments can now feel the crowding to untenable levels in our cities.