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Donald A. Collins


Citing With Affection A Major Hero for Abortion Rights and Family Planning, Bill Baird

Legal birth control for unmarried women can be traced to an 80-year-old man: Bill Baird. He has spent the past 50 years overturning laws and…

Finally the correct words to articulate our fatal population growth dilemma

Sir David Attenborough, the famed British naturalist and television presenter, has some harsh words for humanity. “We are a plague on the Earth”.

Another Version of Pro Choice? LA Catholic Archdiocese Protected Pedophile Priests

The Pro Life folks are spending a lot of time and money telling us that women should not have the right to decide when to…

On the 40th Anniversary of Roe v Wade, Some Further Thoughts About the Decision of Planned Parenthood Federation to Abandon Its Powerful Phrase: PRO CHOICE

PPFA was not always Pro Choice at all levels. In fact, the most eloquent call for PPFA’s involvement in abortion I ever heard was a…

Planned Parenthood Abandoning ‘Pro-Choice’ Label for ‘No-Labels’ Message

Did a bunch of weak or ideologically motivated politicians tell PPFA that if you backed down on PRO CHOICE it would be easier to restore…

Roe’s 40th, More Facts On How The Anti-Abortion Faithful Are Not Lonely Outliers!!

What pro-choice activists call "the movement" is in many ways more fragmented than it's ever been, thanks to a widening generational divide.

Nature Conservancy’s Chief Scientist Pooh Pooh’s Population Growth

No sooner had I sent in my membership renewal to The Nature Conservancy than Joe Bish of Population Media Center sent me his Yuletide email.

Appeals Against Women Violence Must Promote Family Planning

There are many possible routes to enable desirable goals. What could be more important than helping women to better lives?

Texas Legislators Attack Planned Parenthood And Raise Total Government Spending

Again we learn of how a reduction in family planning expenditures makes any budget minded conservative government spending cutter blanch...

TOSTAN’s seminal role in the cessation of Female Genital Cutting gets formal UN backing

A small dedicated NGO named TOSTAN has been quietly at work in Senegal and other African countries to eliminate the female genital cutting.