challenging religious privilege in public life

Donald A. Collins


Abortion Attackers Attack All Of Us Of All Faiths On Basic Human Rights

In short, now across the USA, attacks on abortion rights have been mounted by religious sect ideologues to force their religious will on those who…

Growth Will Kill Us Says Dave Gardner, 2012 Population Institute Global Media Awardee

On November 29, 2012 The Population Institute announced the six winners of its prestigious 33rd annual Global Media Awards, which cover its concerns...

Urgent World Bank Climate Alert, Likely To Be Ignored, With Dire Results; Petition the White House to stabilize US Population

The World Bank has warned that global temperatures could rise by four degrees this century without immediate action.

Don’t Think The Bad Old Days Before Roe versus Wade Can’t Come Back Again

Do we seek to have all abortions done safely or would it okay to kill 70 thousand women and maim another 5 million women?

Ignoring Climate Change, Immigration, and Their Root Cause, Population Growth

NY City Mayor Bloomberg has acknowledged that global warming could be a factor in what has just happened to the city.

Please Understand The Anti Abortion Faithful Are Not Lonely Outliers!!

Once again, as in the case I am about to mention, we get outstanding writing about those who oppose reproductive rights for women.

Conjecture About The Catholic Bishops Role In The Republican Party’s Defeat

In the aftermath of an election which apparently astonished Rove and the Koch boys since it took Romney hours to acknowledge his defeat after the…

Obama wins but battle rages on courtesy of the Roman Catholic Church

Too many of us, naively assume, that what some might regard as priestly peccadilloes, would lessen the power of the Roman Catholic Church.

A 21st Century View of Religious Supremacy Vs Women’s Woes Worldwide

Question: How different from the ancient primitive practices of human sacrifices is the attitude of this branch of Christian faith when it resists modern contraception?

Will Religious Beliefs Continue To Accelerate Earth’s Decent Into Hell on Earth?

Hey, Folks, for many years people thought the world was flat. Then of course the view that all the stars rotated around the Earth was…