challenging religious privilege in public life

Frank Diana


Solving Humanities Greatest Challenges

Science continues to produce amazing breakthroughs in a synergistic relationship with technology.

Healthspan Is As Important As Lifespan

Bowhead whales live for 200 years, while a giant tortoise currently checks in at 190. Yet the oldest human died at the age of 122.

Living An Extra One Hundred Years

Senolytics drugs are already showing promising results and could become available on the market within the next decade.

Michio Kaku: Three predictions about the future

Michio Kaku predicts, among other things, how we'll build cities on Mars and why cancer will one day be like the common cold.

The Journey: The Next Phase Of Human Development

A growing shift towards purpose exploits our advances in science and technology to improve the human condition.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Everything

Artificial Intelligence is a uniquely powerful technology that is altering every dimension of human life, often for the better.

Sustainability: Not Just Talk Anymore

Several forces are Converging to accelerate the path of energy. One of those forces is a shift in orientation to purpose.

The Next Generation Of Artificial Intelligence

Consensus of several surveys of AI experts suggests AGI is still decades into the future. However, a transitional AI, may exist today.

The Augmented Age

We are heading for a future where our natural human capabilities are going to be radically augmented in three ways.

Possible Futures: Exploring Deepfake and Neuralink

Two articles highlight the dilemma faced in this era of rapid innovation: the potential to enhance humanity, and the opportunity to diminish it.