challenging religious privilege in public life

James A. Haught


The Victims of the Crusades

Many people think the Crusades were romantic quests but they actually were a nightmare of slaughter, rape, looting and magic tales.

The Beast in the Shadows Behind Religion

Millions claim that religion causes believers to be kind. But an ugly flipside exists, a beast lurking in shadows behind supernatural faith.

The Inquisition and Witch Hunts

Accused women were stripped by inquisitor priests who searched their bodies for "witch marks" where they allegedly suckled demons.

The Ultimate Form of Human Idiocy

What’s the ultimate form of human idiocy? I nominate religious suicide bombings in which fanatics kill themselves to murder “infidels”.

Logic Disproves All-Merciful God

Reason – logical thinking by intelligent minds – proves clearly that the compassionate, all-powerful god of religion cannot exist.

The Enlightenment vs. Popes and Kings

It was an era when kings still ruled brutally by "divine right", and the church still sought to execute "heretics" holding irregular beliefs.

Fundamentalist Intolerance

Around the world, there’s a clear pattern: Strong religion produces judgmental attitudes. Fundamentalists are quick to condemn.

One-Fourth of Christians ‘Speak in Tongues’

Will much of Christianity be transformed into jerking, howling, swooning congregations who utter incoherent sounds?

Is It Blasphemy – Or Honesty?

Blasphemy isn’t a dirty word. It's honorable and honest. It’s almost a duty of thinking people to express skepticism of supernatural mumbo-jumbo.

Sex and God: Is Religion Twisted?

It would take an army of historians to pinpoint all the reasons why Western religion developed such antagonism toward human sexuality.