challenging religious privilege in public life

James A. Haught


White evangelicals are a political curse

Currently, white evangelicals are the heart of the Republican Party, giving it at least three-fourths of their vote.

Holy Horrors: The medieval Catholic hierarchy

Popes, cardinals, archbishops, abbots, bishops, priests, and monks kept concubines and pocketed church wealth.

When thinking is made a crime

Arrival of The Enlightenment gradually erased the church's power to kill people. But blasphemy laws still sent nonconformists to prison.

Holy Horrors: The Black Death

When the bubonic plague stalked Europe in 1348, hysterical Christians concluded that it was caused by Jews poisoning wells.

Holy Horrors: Christian persecution of Jews

In 1370 at Brussels, someone reported seeing a Jew break a wafer, and virtually all Belgian Jews were massacred.

Holy Horrors: The Catholic Church And Anti-Semitism

St. Gregory called Jews “slayers of the Lord, murderers of the prophets, adversaries of God”. St. Jerome added “vipers”.

Many, Many, Many Gods

In every prehistoric culture, a priest class arose, seizing enormous power by claiming to appease and invoke invisible gods.

The Inquisition and witch hunts marred Europe for centuries

After killing Muslims in Crusades and Jews in massacres, Christians began murdering fellow Christians who deviated from official dogma.

Secular Surge

The long-foreseen Secular Age is arriving. Survey after survey finds snowballing increases of Americans who say their religion is "none".

Science Always Defeats Religion

Richard Dawkins says faith "subverts science and saps the intellect." Luckily, it's still losing the war between science and religion.