challenging religious privilege in public life

James A. Haught


Let’s outgrow fairy tales

Most politicians invoke the deities. Supernaturalism pervades our species, consuming billions of person-hours and trillions of dollars.

Everyone’s a skeptic – about other religions

Religion is an extremely touchy topic. Church members often become angry if anyone questions their supernatural dogmas.

The Problem of Evil

For thinking people, there's only one possible answer to the age-old problem of evil: The all-loving Father proclaimed by many faiths cannot exist.

Where do beliefs come from?

Suppose a miracle is reported. Some Americans will embrace this news joyfully, as evidence of the holy, while others will be skeptical.

Holy Horrors: Religious slaughter through the centuries

Without religion, divisions would blur with passing generations; children would adapt to new times, mingle, intermarry, forget ancient wounds.

Holy Horrors: Witch-Hunts

During the 1400s, the Inquisition shifted its focus toward witchcraft, and the next 300 years witnessed a bizarre orgy of religious delusion.

Murder in the Name of Religion

Politicians always call religion a mighty force for good. President Reagan labeled it “the bedrock of moral order”. They say it builds brotherhood.

Holy Horrors: Killing Heretics

In 1208, Pope Innocent III declared a major crusade to destroy the Albigenses. Some 20,000 knights and peasants answered the call.