challenging religious privilege in public life

Matthias Küntzel


Global Jihad, Islamic Radicalism, and the Challenge to Europe

Global jihad and Islamism is a topic that triggers fear, horror and also a great deal of helplessness. Regrettably, the fear is justified.

Anti-Semitic Hate Speech in the Name of Islam

Antisemitic messages from satellite channels like the Hamas-run Al-Aqsa are helping to bring a message of hate and intolerance to Europe.

Islamist terrorism and antisemitism: The mission against modernity

Let me summarize: The historical record disapproves the assumption that Islamic antisemitism is caused by Israeli policy.

Hitler’s Legacy: Islamic antisemitism and the impact of the Muslim Brotherhood

To combat and repel the Islamist ideology, one must first take it seriously as a specific outlook with its own principles and history.