challenging religious privilege in public life



Catholic Bishops Cross Church-State Line

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has caused Catholic pulpits nationwide to urge open borders for legal and illegal aliens alike.

Abortion battle’s end looms

Having been a family planning activist since 1965, I have witnessed and shared many battles against those who seek to limit women’s choices.

Examples of Vatican influence on policies of nations

The Vatican's influence on the US is not unique. All governments except China are victims of this Vatican manipulation of government policy.

Why the Catholic Church has survived for 2000 years while all other tyrannies have failed

The Catholic hierarchy exer­cises their sovereignty without the direct use of force, armies, police, or weapons. How is this possible?

The Catholic Church and Sex

The Church's preoccupation with sex stems chiefly from three very different concerns of power or control.

Eight kinds of power the Vatican exercises to control Catholics

To effect control over lay Catholic elites Vaillancourt has found that the Vatican exercises eight kinds of power.

Population Armageddon Nears

My wife Sally and I attended a Washington luncheon on Feb. 19 in the offices of Population Services International (PSI) to hear the views...

US: Some History about The Triangulation Of Our Open-Border Immigration Advocates

We all know how big business sends good jobs overseas and imports as many aliens as possible into the U.S. on various work visas.

Heading for a World Apocalypse?

Is it possible that our planet is heading for a worldwide apocalypse that will ravage humankind? Some of the best minds fear so.

WHO creates demand for abortions

While all abortions at any stage in a pregnancy are evil to some, U.S. law currently accords “personhood” only after birth.