challenging religious privilege in public life



Trump’s Lies Dominate Our Daily Media!

The outcome of the November 2024 election will have earth shaking consequences for the future of democracy worldwide.

Democracy Is Already At Risk From Many Diverse Issues! And Donald Trump Could Benefit And Win!

If Trump wins a second term, he pardons himself, stops the DOJ’s Jack Smith coup lawsuit and begins the dismantling of our democracy.

Which Geezer Do You Want?

The dictionary defines "geezer" as a derogatory label for an old man. So, let’s just evaluate what each Biden and Trump bring.

Are Baby Booms Over Forever?

In my nearly 93-year lifetime human numbers have doubled 4 times from 2 billion to 8 with predictions as high as 3 more billion by…

Voter Logic As A Solution To The Trump Problem!

Unlike the constitutions of many other advanced democracies, the U.S. Constitution contains no affirmative right to vote.

Democracy’s Power Best Proved By The Creation, Launch And Start Of The James Webb Space Telescope!

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has already changed so much; imagine what we will know in the next few decades.

Iowan’s Flawed Evangelicals Go Against Jesus’s Teaching!

If Iowans and evangelicals have Trump Presidency, they will seek to make Christian Nationalism the official religion of the US.

GOP Religious Tyranny Offers Combined Anti-Democratic Issues For 2024!

Religious tyranny is rampantly growing in its quest for legal verification in arguing for eliminating the separation of church and state.

Trump’s Rhetoric Creates Violence Now A Main Trump Campaign Tactic!

The United States in 2024 has never been closer to losing its democracy since the Civil War in 1860.

2024 Campaign Views Confuse But Biden Makes Clear The Primary Goal! Save Our Democracy!

If Democrats find any other ancillary reason NOT to vote for Biden, as unpopular as he now is in the polls, Trump’s win is assured.