challenging religious privilege in public life



GOP’s Haley And DeSantis Pledge To Vote For Trump If Nominated!

Trump has brought out the fascist thinking which MAGA voters represent with the support of his traitorous elected representatives in Congress.

Ronald Reagan’s Legacy? Stupidity and Cupidity?

This attempted destruction of our precious government institutions initiated by Reagan led inevitably to Trump.

Let’s Not Lose Faith In The Value Of Our Legal System!

Judges are subject to errors at every level of judicial standing, and, as current evidence makes painfully clear, even the Supreme Court.

Can Our Newer and Older Minorities Help Us Save Our Democracy In the 2024 Election?

Apparently, those Trump MAGA supporters feel Trump's Hitler like dictatorship would improve their lives.

Voters, What Will You Feel When You Prepare To Vote In 2024??

The Electoral College could skew the outcome again from the popular majority and we could sink in a Trump dictatorship.

Why the U.S. is heading toward nonbelief

The U.S. is heading toward nonbelief. The Secular Age is snowballing in America, as in other Western democracies.

Dismissing Facts Won’t Prevent Trump’s Return!!

Trump is the greatest Presidential liar in US history and the only one to attempt to block a duly elected President from taking office.

Can we avoid insulting believers?

When we declare that supernatural dogmas are false fairy tales, believers who devote their lives to those dogmas may feel bitterly insulted.

Chris Christie: The Ex Avatar Now Tells The Truth About Trump! The GOP Needs Fewer Cowards! Where Is George W. Bush’s Voice???

Christie’s voice, along with Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, demonstrates the criminal cowardice of GOP leadership.

Trump’s MAGA GOP Is Corrupt, Irresponsible and Treasonable!

Trump could abandon NATO and attempt to remove the 22nd Amendment to our Constitution so he might remain President for life.