challenging religious privilege in public life

Paul Cliteur


Biblical Violence and Modern Legal Practice

Is it likely that Deuteronomy 13 still has a degree of influence on our penal law, for instance in clauses about blasphemy?

Biblical Terrorism: The Story of Phinehas

We learn from the story of Phinehas that not only organized but also unorganized religion poses challenges we have to meet.

The Bible on Apostasy

A good place to start on the scriptural foundations of violence in the Bible is with Deuteronomy 13:1-3 (punishment of apostates).

Can Translation Mitigate All Immoral Passages in Scripture?

For apologists of religion, the violence in Scripture is only superficially there. It has to do with the "translation" of the text in question.

Are monotheistic religions inherently violent?

That there is a “religion per se” apart from the social manifestations of that religion is simply presupposed by many people active in this debate.

Religious Violence

A religion does not simply exist in the fantasy of some of its enlightened followers, it also manifests itself in the real world.

Criticism of religion as the first pillar of freethought

The two elements of critique of religion and predilection for free speech adequately sum up the movement for freethought.

The History of Agnosticism

Bertrand Russell was an agnostic. Agnosticism has always attracted people who scorn the straightforwardness of the atheist position.


Is it impossible to say anything about the likelihood of the existence of a personal, eternal, omnipotent, and perfectly good being?

Motives for Atheism

People’s motives for developing an atheist position are often grounded in a laudable type of engagement and not in disillusion.