challenging religious privilege in public life

Paul Cliteur


A Definition of Atheism: Atheism as A-theism

An atheist is someone who denies the existence of a god with certain characteristics. In other words: he denies the existence of “God”.

Atheism or Non-Theism?

It may be true that science cannot establish whether God exists or not, but that does not mean that we cannot argue about the matter.

Why Religious Education Should Not Be Exclusively Religious

In our ideologically divided world, there seems to be one conviction that atheists and believers subscribe: religion is back on the agenda.

The Definition of Atheism

The most fruitful definition of atheism is a negative one: an atheist does not believe in the god that theism favours.

The Varieties of Atheist Experience

We clearly need a special word for the denial of the orthodox idea of the divine. ‘Atheism’ seems not a bad choice for this word.

Atheism as an Unpopular Position

It seems that the nature of the rejection of atheism has changed, but there still is, so it seems, a widespread condemnation of it.