challenging religious privilege in public life

Stephen Hicks


The Deep Theory behind Stifling Speech

The worst manifestations are in universities and their cultural spill-over zones. Campuses are the training ground.

Are Reason and Faith Compatible?

Faith almost always is an emotion-driven process in which one wills oneself to believe that which one wants to be true.

On the Proofs of God’s Existence

The Design Argument has some logical force and must be taken seriously. At the same time, it is properly judged to be weak.

Campus Power Politics – It’s Calculated Strategy

Most of the many grievances are not meant to be resolved. They are meant to fester and be used in the service of power-politics strategy.

Will the Alt-Right Make the Left embrace the Enlightenment?

If the Left can make itself adopt the Enlightenment commitment to rationality, then we can at least again appeal to facts and logic.

Is a Secular Morality Inherently Superior to a Religious Morality?

Is morality natural or can it only be explained by reference to a supernatural being that issues moral rules and enforces them?

Making Life Meaningful Without Religion

We need to find a philosophically healthy way to think and feel about death without resorting to fictions.

No Reformation for Islam, Please

The Islamic world already has plenty of Luthers, Calvins, and Zwinglis. That is to say, it needs an Enlightenment, not more Reformation.

Postmodernism, Reason and Truth

By most accounts we have entered a new intellectual age. We are postmodern now. Leading intellectuals tell us that modernism has died.

Postmodernism’s Dangerous Assault on Reason

Postmodernism rejects the Enlightenment project in the most fundamental way – by attacking its essential philosophical themes.