challenging religious privilege in public life

Stephen Hicks


The puzzle of why postmodernists are hostile to dissent and debate

It is a puzzle why among the far Left we find civility, tolerance, and fair play the least practiced and even denounced.

How Postmodernists Use Language as a Weapon

It makes perfect sense that to most postmodernists language is primarily a weapon. This explains the harsh nature of much postmodern rhetoric.

The Machiavellian Politics of Postmodernism

Postmodernism's relativism is part of a rhetorical political strategy, some Machiavellian realpolitik employed to throw the opposition off track.

Postmodernism’s Threats to Free Speech

A key part of explaining why the Left now advocates speech codes is that in recent decades the Left has suffered major disappointments.

Postmodernism Is Nonsensical Anti-Free Speech

The postmodern argument implies that free speech is what the Ku Klux Klan favours. Speech codes equalise the playing field.

Defending Free Speech Against Postmodernism

Consider first a free-speech point dear to liberal hearts: that there is a distinction between speech and action.

Religion and the Verdict of History

The many religions’ track records of squashing artists, scientists, and other free-thinkers in economics, politics, and philosophy is terrible.

Is Political Evil Built Into Religion?

Renounce the principles of the major Western religions, and you can have a modern free society. But then you have also renounced religion.

How to Tame Religious Terrorists

How does one defeat an enemy with such a mindset? In the West, we have had our religious fanatics – but we tamed them.

Is Religion Worth Arguing About?

We are getting better at thinking about religion, individually and socially. Compared to centuries past, more people now know how to think.