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Valerie Tarico


Men Should Be Able to Express Opinions and Feelings about Abortion

To the degree that abortion affects any sentient other, men have some responsibility to express their thoughts and feelings about it.

Buddha, Abraham, Jesus, Muhammed – Larger-than-life historic figures or largely legends?

We know less than you might think about the lives of Buddha, Abraham, Jesus, Muhammed, and most other religious founders.

A Dozen Ways A Smaller Population Is Better

We don't have to dive deep into economic theory to glimpse some potential benefits of a slimmer, grayer population.

Why Are Conservative White Males Forcing More Abortions and Births on Poor Brown Women? Six theories

Conservative Christians are hung up on sex and think that young people who break their sex rules should be punished with STIs and babies.

Six hints that Baby Jesus stories were late additions to early Christian lore

If we line up the four gospels - Mark (60CE), Matthew (70-90CE), Luke (80-95CE), then John (90-100CE) - an interesting pattern emerges.

Why some women still vote Republican and what can be done about it

The Grand Old Party isn’t much of a party for women; it’s more like a frat party - a power-drunk letch-fest. The Grand Old Boys…

What we know about abuse by clergy – for starters, gay priests are not the problem

Catholic leaders have variously blamed homosexuals, a modern culture of excessive sexual liberty, or even the child victims themselves.

Why Many Evangelicals Find Donald Trump Simply Irresistible

When you look a little closer at the stories in the Bible, it turns out that God is an awful lot like Trump.

Here are Evangelical Christianity’s 10 biggest gaslighting tactics

To Evangelicals, the Old Testament is the timeless Word of God, except when the vile atrocities described there become inconvenient.

Here’s why Christians believe in miracles

Christians are not alone in their miracle belief. Nearly 8 in 10 Americans say they believe in miracles, including almost 20 percent of nonbelievers.