challenging religious privilege in public life



Our Final Hour: A Scientist’s Warning

Excerpt from Lord Professor Martin Rees's book, "Our Final Hour: A Scientist's Warning". Can pure thought tell us whether humanity's years are numbered?

Why should we care about extinctions?

Excerpt from Lord Professor Robert May's book, "Theoretical Ecology: Principles and Applications". How do we preserve what’s left?

Sustaining Life: How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity

Excerpt from Nobel prize-winning physician Eric Chivian's book, "Sustaining Life: How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity".

Climate Change: Predicting the Future

Excerpt from Nobel Prize-winning physicist Burton Richter's book, "Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Climate Change and Energy in the 21st Century".

Dishonest to God: On Keeping Religion Out of Politics

Excerpt from Baroness Professor Mary Warnock's book, "Dishonest to God: On Keeping Religion Out of Politics". Where does morality come from?

Climate Change: The Changing Landscape

We cohabit with 5-10 million other species. However, our effect on this shared environment is astonishingly disproportionate.