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Calum Chace


When AIs outsmart humans

We can’t predict the future, so we can’t be sure what future AIs will and will not be able to do.

Superintelligence may be closer than most people think

AI is already very powerful, and most people agree that it will transform every industry and every aspect of our lives.

AI-developed drug breakthrough. With Alex Zhavoronkov

A number of companies are now using AI to develop drugs faster, cheaper, and with fewer failures along the way.

Against pausing AI research

Is advanced artificial intelligence reaching the point where it could result in catastrophic damage? Is a slow-down desirable?

Is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) possible?

The central estimate on the prediction market Metaculus for the arrival of a basic form of AGI is currently 2026, just three years away.

Putting AI to work in longevity research: profile of Alex Zhavoronkov

Zhavoronkov's day job is running Insilico, a drug discovery company in Hong Kong that he founded in 2014, which uses artificial intelligence.

The role of Artificial Intelligence in extending health span

Part of the reason for the change in attitudes towards aging is the application of modern artificial intelligence techniques to healthcare.

Startling progress in brain simulation

Brain simulation is the idea of imitating and hopefully emulating the natural brains connections and processes using a computer-based model.

Artificial intelligence And Algocracy

Arguments about which decisions should be made by machines are going to become increasingly vehement. Things are getting weird.