challenging religious privilege in public life

Church Scandals


The Inquisition and witch hunts marred Europe for centuries

After killing Muslims in Crusades and Jews in massacres, Christians began murdering fellow Christians who deviated from official dogma.

Christianity and the Nazis

Whenever one questions the role of Christianity during WWII, Christians will quickly respond by providing examples of heroic Catholics or Protestants.

Are Religious Dictatorships a Good Idea?

The addiction to religious fantasy and delusion in Catholicism – which erupt in worship and ritual – is alarming.

The Horrifying Sins of Christianity, Century after Century

Charles Bufe’s 2022 book, "24 Reasons to Abandon Christianity" provides a wealth of information on these realities.

Why America has to confront the Vatican

An American confrontation with the Vatican over its anti-family-planning efforts is prerequisite to removal of this obstruction to the common good.

Papal infallibility is fundamental to the Catholic Church

The promoters of the infallibility dogma believed that by raising the pope’s authority they could break society of its liberal tendencies.

The Vatican Is Primarily Responsible for Overpopulation Worldwide

The Vatican has called on its bishops, all of whom are completely loyal, to thwart efforts for population growth control.

Vatican Power Over Governments

The Vatican is, above all, an organisational weapon in the hands of the papacy and other top ecclesiastical officials.

The Catholic Church and Its Preoccupation with Power

The Vatican and Catholic hierarchy in general concern themselves too much with dominance and too little with social justice.

The Vatican’s Role in the World Population Crisis

Why is the Vatican so anxious to impose its will on the world of Catholics and non-Catholics alike when it comes to this issue?