challenging religious privilege in public life

Church Scandals


How the Church Affected the Development of Medicine in the Nineteenth Century

That medical cures could be effected only by supernatural means, such as holy relics and penance, was still accepted by the faithful.

The Basis of Fascism

For Mussolini, Fascism was the utter rejection of the French revolution, the explosion of the Enlightenment in to feudal Europe.

Pope Francis’ Enduring and Reckless Disregard for Victims of Sexual Abuse

Pope Francis has failed to reduce and sometimes abetted the clerical rape and sexual torture of children around the world.

European Fascism and Christianity

Since WWII, there has been a convention that the Nazis were driven either by atheism or by all sorts of sinister occult fancies.

The Conversion of the West to Christianity

Christianity used Paganism as a great source of spare parts. The large holes in Christianity were filled with adaptations from Paganism.

Pagan religions and heresies didn’t stand a chance against the Catholic Church

Christianity, the new religion, took over a millennium to enter the hearts of the people, and then it was only done by inhuman tortures.

The Catholic Church during WWII

It should come to no surprise that at no time during Hitler's rise did the Catholic Church speak up against rhetoric against the Jews.

The Catholic Church and Nicaragua

Post independence, the Church and Nicaragua’s wealthy elite ran the country together; for generations, each powerful family had a son who became a priest.

The Medieval Catholic Inquisition

A roving papal Inquisition was set up in 1231 by Pope Gregory IX. He extended existing legislation against heretics and introduced the death penalty.

Leonard Leo Kills Supreme Court’s Legitimacy With Dark Money!

The 2024 election, deeply affected by Leonard Leo's huge dark money, could be the most important for retaining our democracy in US history.