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Trump’s Vows About How He Will Govern on Key Issues If Elected In 2024!

The MAGAs are apparently unrelenting going to support these Trump vows of retribution, hate, racism, and prolife tyranny for women.

If Trump Wins In November, Watch How He “Helps” His MAGA Faithful

Trump is on the wrong side of many issues. How can Americans embrace his anti-democracy, climate, gun control, choice and Constitution views?

Immigration Reform Laws Will Never Pass Without Congressional Compromise On Reality

The failure of the Senate compromise bill on immigration reform is just the latest of many attempts at rational laws on immigration.

Trump: Has His Collapse Begun with His Immunity Decision Or Now With His Huge Fines?

How will Trump campaign, with an increasingly more aware public of his despotic plans for ruling, if elected?

The Spineless GOP Could Have Saved Us From Trump After January 6th’s Insurrection, But Gave In To Him

We can hope the vicious political division Trump has caused will shame some of the GOP to rise and show integrity.

Trumpian Fascism: More Than a Century in the Making

The goal of the Trumpian led Republican Party is to create widespread chaos and crisis before trying to overthrow the democratic process.

Trump’s List of His Dangerous Intentions if Elected Includes NATO

It is hard to imagine a more dangerous act than leaving or not supporting NATO as Trump suggested in his speech in Conway, SC.

Was the GOP Plan All Along to “Break” America to Make Room for an Authoritarian Strongman?

Recent reporting suggests that Trump followers, by and large, are fine with him being a dictator. It seems crazy, but it is irrefutable.

Trump Kills The Bipartisan Compromise Immigration Bill! What Next?

A compromise Senate immigration bill got sidelined without being enacted as the nation squirmed in anxiety at the unbridled border crisis.

Democrats Need To Keep Their Issues Clear!

The immense and obvious dangers of a Trump Presidency hopefully will frighten enough voters to make the right decision in November.