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Climate Change


Humanity at “Doom’s Doorstep” Says Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Top scientists responsible for the "Doomsday Clock" have issued a stark warning about how close the world is to catastrophe.

Study confirms sixth mass extinction is currently underway, caused by humans

There’s a human-caused extinction crisis underway and indifference to this planetary crisis is “an abrogation of moral responsibility”.

How climate change and extreme weather may lead to food shortages and escalating prices

In a world with an increasing human population, climate change may have a serious impact on our ability to grow enough food.

Killing Nature Must Be Treated as a Crime on a Par with Genocide and War Crimes

The time has come for drastic measures to protect the environment and save the world from a climate catastrophe.

Within Decade, Planet’s Natural World Facing Largest Mass Extinction Event Since Dinosaurs

Increasingly dire ecological damage and severe impacts of the climate crisis are pushing the natural world towards a mass extinction.

Pathway to global climate catastrophe is clear

Global climate catastrophe could be nearer than we think. The Greenland ice sheet could begin a process of irreversible melting.

‘Truly an emergency’: how drought returned to California with scientists sounding the alarm

Just two years after California celebrated the end of its last devastating drought, the state is facing another one.

The very expensive human cost of climate change

Storms devastate. Climate change makes them more devastating. Now we know how much the human cost of climate change really is.

‘A Real Hotspot’: Study Shows Arctic Warming 3 Times Faster Than Rest of Earth

Arctic warming has far-reaching consequences that are important not only to local communities and ecosystems but to the fate of life on planet Earth.

Falling harvests could soon follow growing deserts

A hotter world will mean more deserts and falling harvests − bad news for food producers and for all of us.