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Climate Change


There’s an 80 Percent Chance of Surpassing 1.5°C Warming Over Next 5 Years

We must urgently do more to cut greenhouse gas emissions, or we will pay an increasingly heavy price, experts warn.

Harmful tipping points pose some of the gravest threats faced by humanity

Five major tipping points are already at risk of being crossed due to warming right now and three more are threatened.

Extreme heatwaves in south and south-east Asia are a sign of things to come

Since April 2024, wide areas of south and south-east Asia, from Pakistan to the Philippines, have experienced prolonged extreme heat.

Outgoing UN Expert Calls for Global Grassroots Movement to Dislodge ‘Diesel Mafia’

With a world economy based on exploitation, campaigners face major challenges in ensuring environmental justice for all.

‘Sad What We Are Doing’: Global CO2 Increase Sets New All-Time Record

We aren’t just breaking records in CO2 concentrations, but also the record in how fast it is rising.

77% of Top Climate Scientists Think 2.5°C of Warming Is Coming – And They’re Horrified

Nearly 80% of top-level climate scientists expect that global temperatures will rise by at least 2.5°C by 2100.

Capitalism won’t save the planet

There is potential to establish completely new relationships between production and use, currently controlled by big capital, but need not be.

Climate Crisis to Cost Global Economy $38 Trillion a Year by 2050

The climate crisis will shrink the average global income 19% in the next 26 years compared to what it would have been without global heating.

No, It’s Not the Anthropocene; Try ‘The Great Burning’

A committee of researchers has decided that the Anthropocene will not become an official epoch in Earth’s geological timeline.

How to Build a Climate Bomb

Starting and then stopping solar geoengineering would cause the warming that had been temporarily held in abeyance to show up with a vengeance.