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Climate Change


Harmful tipping points pose some of the gravest threats faced by humanity

Five major tipping points are already at risk of being crossed due to warming right now and three more are threatened.

Human Activity Pushing More Than 1 in 5 Migratory Species Toward Extinction: UN

The global community has an opportunity to translate this latest science of the pressures facing migratory species into conservation action.

In EU Climate Proposal, ‘A Dark Hole Where an End to Fossil Fuels Should Be’

Green campaigners called out the European Commission’s new climate targets for 2040 as "inadequate and a betrayal of climate justice".

Ocean Heat, Sea Surface Temperatures Shattered Records in 2023

The ocean is the key to telling us what's happening to the world, and the data is painting a compelling picture of warming year after…

‘Frightening’: Greenland Losing 33 Million Tons of Ice Per Hour Due to Climate Crisis

Greenland's ice cap is losing an average of 33 million tons of ice per hour, including from glaciers that are already below sea level.

Global Cooperation Key to Preventing ‘Runaway’ Climate and AI Chaos: UN Chief

"Geopolitical divides are preventing us from coming together around global solutions for global challenges," said António Guterres.

2023 Destroys Global Heat Record as Fossil Fuel Emissions Boil the Planet

"How many more records does it take before we phase out fossil fuels and deal with it?" asked one climate campaigner.

‘Call to Action’: CO2 Now at Levels Not Seen in 14 Million Years

"It really brings it home to us that what we are doing is very, very unusual in Earth's history," the lead author of a new…

Most US Voters Agree: Make Big Oil Pay for Climate Damage

The survey of 1,279 U.S. voters found that around two-thirds of all likely voters support such legislation, a +40-point net margin.

Sultan shocks climate community with reality-based question

UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber shocked the climate world after saying phase-out of coal, oil and gas would take world ‘back into caves’.