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Climate Change


97% of Earth’s Land No Longer Ecologically Intact, Study Finds

The reintroduction of up to five species could help restore 20% of the planet to previous levels of biodiversity, the study found.

Scientists Warn 4°C World Would Unleash ‘Unimaginable Amounts of Water’ as Ice Shelves Collapse

Over a third of the area of all Antarctic ice shelves could be at risk of collapsing if global temperatures soar to 4°C.

Global farming feels the impacts of global heating

Global heating has already set back farming around the world, and wiped out seven years of steady advance.

Is Climate Change Responsible for the Conflicts We’re Seeing Around the World Today?

CNA's Military Advisory Board: Climate change poses a serious threat to U.S. national security and is becoming a "catalyst for conflict".

Europe has grown drier over the last two millennia

Global heating may be to blame for the fact that Europe has grown drier over the last 2,000 years to a new high in 2015.

‘Frightening’ New Data Shows Humanity Has Degraded or Destroyed Two-Thirds of World’s Rainforest

As more rainforest is destroyed, there is more potential for climate change, which in turn makes it more difficult for remaining forests to survive.

Ocean mammals face extinction

Scientists have found that accidental capture by fisheries (bycatch), climate change and pollution are among the key drivers of decline.

UN survival plan offers new hope for the planet

A bold UN survival plan could put nature back in charge of the Earth − and researchers explain why that should happen.

Half a billion people may face heat of 56°C by 2100

Many millions of people – among them some of the world's poorest – will be exposed to lethal temperatures on a routine basis.

Scientists Say Humanity Now at ‘Dawn of What Must Be a Transformative Decade’

Largely since the 1950s, we have grossly simplified the biosphere, a system that has evolved over 3.8 billion years.