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Climate Change


Scientists Say Risk of 5 Climate Tipping Points Means ‘Business as Usual Is Now Over’

Policymakers have delayed climate action long enough that "linear incremental change" will no longer be enough.

‘Five-Alarm Fire’ as Global Temps Breach 2°C Threshold

Global temperatures have surpassed 2°C above preindustrial levels for the first time, according to data from the EU.

How bad is climate change already and what do we need to do next to tackle it?

The world is on track for 2.9°C of global warming, and maybe considerably more, before the end of this century.

Richest 1 Percent Produced as Many Emissions as Poorest Two-Thirds of Humanity

The super-rich are plundering the planet to the point of destruction and it is those who can least afford it who are paying the highest…

Forests’ ‘catastrophic ecosystem collapse’

'Catastrophic forest ecosystem collapse' refers to multiple interrelated hazards that have a cascading effect on forests.

If the world’s systems are ‘already cracking’ due to climate change, is there a post-doom silver lining?

We must face up that Earth's climate will continue to spiral out of control, bringing ever-new record-breaking temperatures.

Earth on Brink of Tipping Points That Could ‘Destroy Very Systems Our Life Depends On’: Report

We are moving dangerously close to the brink of multiple risk tipping points that could destroy the systems that our life depends on.

43 Million Children Forced From Homes Over Six Years Due to Climate Disasters

A new report by UNICEF says that 43 million children have been displaced due to drought, flooding, wildfires, and other extreme events.

Study Warns Even With Emissions Cuts, West Antarctic Ice Sheet Melt ‘Unavoidable’

The collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is one of nine global climate "tipping points" scientists identified in 2009.

Nearly Half of Flowering Plant Species Face Threat of Extinction

Forty-five per cent of the world's known flowering plants could be threatened by extinction, scientists have warned.