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Climate Change


UN declares 2021 is ‘year for action’ on climate

The year of plague and fire, record heat, melting ice and rising seas: who's surprised 2021 is UN's "year for action"?

Monsoon changes threaten Asia and warn the world

For generations India’s farmers have relied on its arrival, but monsoon changes suggest a hotter and less predictable world.

97% of Earth’s Land No Longer Ecologically Intact, Study Finds

The reintroduction of up to five species could help restore 20% of the planet to previous levels of biodiversity, the study found.

Climate heating may speed up to unexpected levels

If climate heating continues apace and the planet goes on warming, then up to a third of Antarctica's ice shelf could tip into the sea.

Global farming feels the impacts of global heating

Global heating has already set back farming around the world, and wiped out seven years of steady advance.

Scientists Warn 4°C World Would Unleash ‘Unimaginable Amounts of Water’ as Ice Shelves Collapse

Over a third of the area of all Antarctic ice shelves could be at risk of collapsing if global temperatures soar to 4°C.

Global CO2 Levels Hit Record High, Reports Say

Concentrations of climate-warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have hit record highs, scientists have said.

Fossil Fuel Companies Got $8.2 Billion in Tax Bailouts – Then Fired Over 58,000 Workers

77 fossil fuel companies got a collective $8.24 billion tax bailout in 2020, then laid off tens of thousands of employees.

Half a billion people may face heat of 56°C by 2100

Many millions of people – among them some of the world's poorest – will be exposed to lethal temperatures on a routine basis.

Plants will be hit as a warming world turns drier

If a warming world becomes a drier one, how will the green things respond? Not well, according to a new prediction.