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Climate Change


Ocean mammals face extinction

Scientists have found that accidental capture by fisheries (bycatch), climate change and pollution are among the key drivers of decline.

Protect fish to increase catches – and cut carbon

There is a clear way to get more value from the seas: protect fish. New research confirms an old argument.

Scientists Say Humanity Now at ‘Dawn of What Must Be a Transformative Decade’

Largely since the 1950s, we have grossly simplified the biosphere, a system that has evolved over 3.8 billion years.

Climate Crisis Displaced Over 10 Million People in Past Six Months: Red Cross

The Red Cross warns that urgent international action is needed to address the rising risk of climate-related displacement.

Europe has grown drier over the last two millennia

Global heating may be to blame for the fact that Europe has grown drier over the last 2,000 years to a new high in 2015.

‘Frightening’ New Data Shows Humanity Has Degraded or Destroyed Two-Thirds of World’s Rainforest

As more rainforest is destroyed, there is more potential for climate change, which in turn makes it more difficult for remaining forests to survive.

UN survival plan offers new hope for the planet

A bold UN survival plan could put nature back in charge of the Earth − and researchers explain why that should happen.

500+ Scientists Demand Stop to Tree Burning as Climate Solution

A group of over 500 international scientists is urging world leaders to end policies that prop up the burning of trees for energy.

Extreme drought and fire risk may double by 2060

One study has found that human numbers exposed to the hazard of extreme drought are likely to double in the decades to come.

US pays rising costs for climate’s flood damage

America’s rainfall patterns are changing with the global climate – and making catastrophic flood damage even more costly.