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The role of population growth during three decades of increasing carbon emissions

A dominant narrative in climate change debates asserts that addressing population growth is not relevant for climate mitigation.

Reconciling human demands with planetary boundaries

Human population grows, Earth doesn’t. A certain environmental impact is needed to satisfy basic human needs.

Overpopulation and War

Although the Palestinian Territories have higher fertility, the Israeli fertility is also high, especially for a relatively rich country.

Ending the sixth mass extinction

The chief cause of the Sixth Mass Extinction is exponential human population growth that has far exceeded Earth’s human carrying capacity.

The Great Multiplier

Consumption and population size work together in having an impact on the Earth's resources and the sustainability of our societies.

Overpopulation as a local problem

Overpopulation is commonly associated with global ecological overshoot, but it can occur at any level from the local to the global.

Good News about Family Planning

Globally, 50 countries have liberalized their abortion laws since 1994, and 4 have decreased access to safe abortion services – including the USA.

Limiting our reproduction is the most ethical thing to do

The ethical thing to do is to provide all those who need birth control with modern contraception, including legal abortion.

How family planning methods help to curb population growth

It is a fundamental human right that humans can freely regulate the number of their children and the spacing between them.

Strange bedfellows of sustainability: How identity politics obstructs the future of wilderness

Growth of our US population squeezes wildlife into unsustainable corners of our ever more human-serving landscape.