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What is the optimal human population? An eminent economist weighs in

A recent book from a Cambridge University economist finds that an optimal human population might range from 500 million to 5 billion.

Science warns world of ‘ghastly’ future ahead

Humankind faces what scientists have called a threat to the Earth's living things "so great that it is difficult to grasp for even well-informed experts".

E. O. Wilson: Runaway population growth at epicenter of environmental problems

The renowned biologist E. O. Wilson says the epicenter of all of our problems in the environment is runaway population growth.

As Global Population Grows, Ecological Threats and Armed Conflict Could Displace Over 1 Billion People by 2050

As the world's population continues to climb, ecological disasters and armed conflict could forcibly displace roughly 10% of humanity.

Are we overpopulated already?

With the world’s population growing by more than 80 million annually, the environmental case for addressing population growth seems clear.

Demographers fail to acknowledge the effect of population growth on climate change

A recently published article asked European demographers about their attitudes towards climate change and population growth.

IUCN recognizes the importance of attending to population to preserve biodiversity

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has passed a motion reaffirming the importance of addressing population matters.

Can We Be Planetary Stewards Or Will We Wait To Kill Ourselves?

It is time to recognize our hapless rush to disaster despite having the scientific knowledge of the pending effects of our intransigence.

Human Blind Arrogance and Overpopulation

If population growth doesn't get action and attention the price to be paid could be planetary death or tyranny for all of those who survive.

Addressing Population Challenge Is Not Impossible

Societies can avoid a world population of 10.8 billion and related disasters – with education, contraception and emphasis on sustainability.