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New publication shows how overpopulation drives biodiversity loss

Overpopulation is a major driver of biodiversity loss and a key obstacle to fairly sharing habitat and resources with other species.

Some say population is irrelevant – so why is it always in the news?

It is easy to find impassioned opinions stating human population size and growth have little to do with humanity's ruination of Earth's environment.

The United Nations celebrates World Population Day by shaming population ‘alarmists’

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) was created in 1969 to act on the world community's concerns about population growth.

Breaking boundaries but not population taboos

The book Breaking Boundaries explains the basics of how the Earth works and how humanity is rocking the boat, ecologically speaking.

The Hidden Dividends of Stopping Population Growth

Smaller populations have important benefits, including more honest and responsive governments and happier citizens.

Population in the IPCC’s new mitigation report

A new IPCC report confirms that population increase and economic growth are the main drivers of greenhouse gas emissions.

Nine strategies to stop short of 9 Billion – ten years on

Evolving from a public health issue to one of human rights, access to contraceptive options has increased in many countries.

UN’s New “Global Population Growth And Sustainable Development” Report

The Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs has released a new report.

Equal Claims: Earth Can’t Fairly or Sustainably Support 8 Billion

To achieve a sustainable global civilization, humanity must evolve to function in a way that helps biodiversity flourish.

Just population policies for an overpopulated world

After three decades of neglect, more environmentalists are waking back up to the need to limit human numbers.