challenging religious privilege in public life



Do Economists Have Frequent Sex?

Unless two and two no longer make four, there is a compelling and urgent need to make family planning universally accessible and desirable.

How far is the Vatican willing to go to ensure its survival?

The Vatican has had so much success at shutting down efforts to control population growth that draconian actions have not yet been necessary.

Overpopulation: a Threat Caused by Religion

The Pastoral Plan laid out a detailed blueprint for infiltrating the American democratic process at the national, state, and local levels.

Consequences of Papal Infallibility for Catholicism and Humanity

The dogmas of papal primacy and infallibility, as proclaimed at Vatican Council I on July 18, 1870, has produced vast consequences.

Long buried documents reveal the virulent anti-American machinations of the Roman Catholic Church

The principal deterrent to a possible takeover of this democracy by a fanatic adversarial power – a free and vigilant press – no longer exists…

The valiant exhumation of long-buried highest-level U.S. population policy documents

The current code of silence with respect to the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church is fomenting a world disaster of epic proportions.

What was the role of the Vatican in the destruction of American political will to deal with overpopulation?

The Vatican acted against the Rockefeller Commission and NSSM 200 recommendations because the survival of the Papacy was on the line.

Why did American political will to deal with overpopulation fade away?

The Rockefeller commission report and NSSM 200 are arguably two of the most important works on overpopulation ever written.

How Catholics Seized Control of U.S. Family Planning Programs

Given the enormous controversy between President Obama and the US Catholic Bishops now underway, this article by RT Ravenholt, MD, MPH...

President Nixon’s “Special Message” on Population

TO THE CONGRESS of the United States: In 1830 there were one billion people on the planet earth. By 1930 there were two billion, and…