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Population Growth’s Urgent Dangers Daily Documented And Ignored!

As human numbers continue to climb to 11 billion by 2100, the alternative solutions to growth are clear: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Overpopulation: Limits Get Tested And Fail!

Sir David Attenborough has predicted another 3 billion human consumers will be added if current growth rates prevail.

A Dozen Ways A Smaller Population Is Better

We don't have to dive deep into economic theory or the future of technology to glimpse some potential benefits of a slimmer, grayer population.

Population Dynamics, the Concept of a “System,” and the Law of Unintended Consequences

A persuasive case can be made that globally the size of the human population is already too large and should be reduced.

Human Impact Ignored Too Long

As Sir David Attenborough tells us, the number of us has increased at least 3 times in his lifetime from 2 billion to almost 8.

How the Vatican influences population growth policy

The Vatican successfully blocks consideration of the reality that population growth is the most serious threat to the security of all nations.

Earth Wars: Nature Strikes Back

There is a need for international cooperation to address population growth and consumption as driving factors of environmental destruction.

What is the optimal human population? An eminent economist weighs in

A recent book from a Cambridge University economist finds that an optimal human population might range from 500 million to 5 billion.

The Spanish “Civil War” Lesson for Population Growth Control

Halting of population growth control is far more important to the Vatican than Spain ever was and control of the press is critical.

Are we overpopulated already?

With the world’s population growing by more than 80 million annually, the environmental case for addressing population growth seems clear.