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Is the Earth really overpopulated?

Yes, for two main reasons. First, people are rapidly displacing wildlife species across the globe, initiating a mass extinction event.

We Need To Talk About Overpopulation Now

A concerted effort to change access to contraception could make a huge difference to how things pan out for humanity over coming decades.

Population Growth: The Radical Religious and the American Military

How is the US preparing militarily for the threat of overpopulation and what are the Vatican’s activities to thwart those preparations?

Time of Great Dying: Population Bomb Bursts, the End of Old-Growth Forests, and the Great Awakening

The population bomb has burst and we are seeing the predicted consequences of collapse and death in the climate, water, oceans, and on the land.

Explosive Population Growth Fueling Inevitable Crash of Human Species

Humans pollute and over-exploit the planet more and more each year, threatening the survival and resilience of future generations.

How the Catholic Church Undermined the Population Growth Control Movement

The prolific propaganda machine has been effective in creating illusions which serve to counter the realities we all see with our own eyes.

IUCN recognizes the importance of attending to population to preserve biodiversity

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has passed a motion reaffirming the importance of addressing population matters.

Earth is Overpopulated, And No, We Cannot All Live in the State of Texas

“But every person on the planet could fit inside the State of Texas,” people keep telling me when I argue the earth is overpopulated.

The Catholic Church and contraception

Much of the papal document Humanae Vitae was written by the future pope John Paul II, and Paul VI later came to regret the text.

Overpopulation: The Real Crisis

We have made a real mess on this planet. People are finally awakening to some of the many consequences of overpopulation.