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Solving Humanities Greatest Challenges

Science continues to produce amazing breakthroughs in a synergistic relationship with technology.

Scientists create the smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot

The robotic crab is smaller than a flea and can carry out multiple activities like walking, bending, twisting, turning, and jumping.

The next eight years will make all of the difference

The next eight years will be a time of massive progress that will bring social change at a speed we have never dealt with before.

Mapping the brain to understand the mind

New technology is enabling neuroscientists to make increasingly detailed wiring diagrams that could yield new insights into brain function.

Could we make ageing a thing of the past?

Recent scientific advances raise the prospect of living longer – but 'healthspan' is just as important as lifespan.

How to Rule Our Robots

In the near future, our robot cousins will need to behave if we are to avoid an apocalyptic robot war.

Artificial wombs: The coming era of motherless births?

Scientifically, it’s called ectogenesis, a term coined by J.B.S. Haldane in 1924. His prediction may yet be on target.

Common Misconceptions about Life Extension and Longevity

As we progress into a future where science unlocks keys to living longer, we need to be wary of misunderstandings.

The Logistics of Going “Interplanetary”: What Does It Take to Live on the Moon?

Humans have been dreaming of living on the Moon, but what would that look like exactly?

The Journey: The Next Phase Of Human Development

A growing shift towards purpose exploits our advances in science and technology to improve the human condition.