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How to Rule Our Robots

In the near future, our robot cousins will need to behave if we are to avoid an apocalyptic robot war.

Artificial wombs: The coming era of motherless births?

Scientifically, it’s called ectogenesis, a term coined by J.B.S. Haldane in 1924. His prediction may yet be on target.

Common Misconceptions about Life Extension and Longevity

As we progress into a future where science unlocks keys to living longer, we need to be wary of misunderstandings.

The Logistics of Going “Interplanetary”: What Does It Take to Live on the Moon?

Humans have been dreaming of living on the Moon, but what would that look like exactly?

The Journey: The Next Phase Of Human Development

A growing shift towards purpose exploits our advances in science and technology to improve the human condition.

Living Up to Our Potential: The Quest for Human Life Extension

People who maintain a healthy lifestyle and have access to rejuvenation biotechnologies will be able to live past 120.

The Future Path of Human Evolution

People continue to evolve even as our societies become more interconnected. What are we becoming now, and what might we become?

Chasing Immortality

There may well be a way to create a true immortality loop for humans, given enough time and technological advancement.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Everything

Artificial Intelligence is a uniquely powerful technology that is altering every dimension of human life, often for the better.

Brain-Computer Interfaces: The Next Step in Human Evolution

We are well on our way as Homo sapiens to becoming a species that fully merges technology with our organic bodies.