challenging religious privilege in public life



Systems Biology and the Coming of “Big” Science

This truly remarkable time in the biological sciences has the opportunity to effectively attack some of the most fundamental problems of society.

Making the First Martians: Getting to the Red Planet

SpaceX has been working on a launch system that consists of a reusable spacecraft and a super-heavy booster - aka. the Starship and Super Heavy.

David Brin on the Moon, Mars & Technological Evolution in the 21st Century

America is going back to the Moon, but we should be pushing further out into the solar system - and we have the technology today.

Learn How NASA’s Robots, AI & the Singularity Will Save the Future

Learn how artificial intelligence, humanoid robots, machine creativity and the singularity will conquer space and maybe even save our own planet.

An Engineer’s Vision For Constructing A Massive Lunar Dome Colony

NASA has a plan to return to the moon, but if we're going to stay there, we'll need a permanent home on the lunar surface.

Artificial wombs could create seismic shift in the debate over abortion, reproductive rights

How will it play out between religious forces and the rapidly secularizing societies of the countries where the technology will first be used?

Our brains as hard drives – could we delete, modify or add memories and skills?

At MIT’s Center for Neural Circuit Genetics, for example, scientists have modified memories in mice using an optogenetic interface.

Will Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) make us Telepathic?

The biggest use of this technology would be in the medical field, where neural interfaces will treat diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Linking brains to computers: how new implants are helping us achieve this goal

It is important that we continue to push the boundaries of modern science to give medical professionals the best possible tools to do their jobs.

We can identify ‘bad’ genes. Why can’t we use CRISPR gene editing to get rid of them?

A desirable option would be to use CRISPR gene editing to essentially cut out the unwanted gene. There are, however, many challenges ahead.