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Biotechnology, synthetic biology keys to humans colonizing other planets

Living anywhere in our Solar System beyond Earth will require the same level of protection that an astronaut needs while walking in space.

Ape-to-human, pig-to-human blood donations: Could xenotransfusions work?

Would you accept a transfusion of blood products from a chimpanzee or a gorilla? Or what about a pig?

Synthetic biology crucial to human missions to Mars

In the case of Mars, a major resource that can be processed by synthetic biology is the atmosphere.

Five reasons we should embrace gene-editing research on human embryos

Many scientists are worried about creating genetically modified humans. While these are valid concerns, they don’t justify a ban on research.

Why human gene editing must not be stopped

What we all have an inescapable moral duty to do is to continue with scientific investigation of gene editing techniques.

Transgenic tinkering here to stay: Embracing biotechnology in the home

Want to track which breed of a certain plant attracts the most ladybugs in your home garden? Interested in engineering your own coffee?

Gene therapy on brink of golden age: Here’s why

Gene therapy, like many other areas of technology, is advancing and succeeding in increments. It must follow a very cautious pathway.

Chimera alert? Myths and facts of human-non-human animal hybrids in medicine

One of the most fascinating projects on the clinical horizon is the effort to grow human organs within non-human animals.

Mitochondrial medicine: Pushing the limits of resuscitation

By far, the leading cause of death is heart disease and it turns out that mitochondria play a major role in this category of disease.

Tampering with nature is how humans can avoid extinction

Technology has fixed many of the problems that we've caused, greatly enhance life, and also protect us from potential natural disasters.