challenging religious privilege in public life

Holy Horrors


Holy Horrors: The medieval Catholic hierarchy

Popes, cardinals, archbishops, abbots, bishops, priests, and monks kept concubines and pocketed church wealth.

Holy Horrors: Here are the major Christian Vs Christian bloodbaths

Throughout Europe, the number of wars, expulsions, massacres, and executions that accompanied the Reformation are beyond counting.

Holy Horrors: A short history of the Puritans

Puritans who went to Massachusetts to escape religious persecution became notorious for persecuting others.

Holy Horrors: Christian persecution of Anabaptists

Although Catholics and Protestants were mortal enemies during most of the Reformation, they united to kill certain Christians.

Holy Horrors: The Black Death

When the bubonic plague stalked Europe in 1348, hysterical Christians concluded that it was caused by Jews poisoning wells.

Holy Horrors: Christian persecution of Jews

In 1370 at Brussels, someone reported seeing a Jew break a wafer, and virtually all Belgian Jews were massacred.

Holy Horrors: The Catholic Church And Anti-Semitism

St. Gregory called Jews “slayers of the Lord, murderers of the prophets, adversaries of God”. St. Jerome added “vipers”.

Holy Horrors: The Holocaust

For century after century after century, the Christian church had designated the people to be despised: the religious believers called Jews.

Holy Horrors: The Crusades

Pope Urban II launched the First Crusade in 1095 to wrest the Holy Land from infidels. "Deus Vult" (God wills it) became the rallying cry.

Holy Horrors: A Grim Pattern

When religion is the ruling force in a society, it produces horror. The stronger the supernatural beliefs, the worse the inhumanity.