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Chris Christie: The Ex Avatar Now Tells The Truth About Trump! The GOP Needs Fewer Cowards! Where Is George W. Bush’s Voice???

Christie’s voice, along with Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, demonstrates the criminal cowardice of GOP leadership.

Post-Dobbs Bans Leave 14 States With No Abortion Clinics

14 states don't have abortion clinics, and this year alone 53 laws restricting abortion access have been passed across the country.

Trump’s MAGA GOP Is Corrupt, Irresponsible and Treasonable!

Trump could abandon NATO and attempt to remove the 22nd Amendment to our Constitution so he might remain President for life.

The role of population growth during three decades of increasing carbon emissions

A dominant narrative in climate change debates asserts that addressing population growth is not relevant for climate mitigation.

The Catholic Church’s Persecution of the Waldenses

In 1211, more than eighty Waldenses were burned for heresy. This was the beginning of centuries of persecution.

The search for meaning in these times

Priests and scriptures say a magical, invisible God created the universe, and put people here to be tested. But some of us can’t swallow it.

‘Five-Alarm Fire’ as Global Temps Breach 2°C Threshold

Global temperatures have surpassed 2°C above preindustrial levels for the first time, according to data from the EU.

Now We Know How Hitler Did It

Are there parallels between the MAGA takeover of the GOP and the Nazi takeover of the German right in the 1930s?

Let’s base AI debates on reality, not extreme fears about the future

Longtermism is the belief that AI poses existential risks to humanity's future by becoming an out-of-control superintelligence.

The Role of the Catholic Church in Mussolini’s Italy

The Lateran Accords, signed in February 1929, recognised the Vatican City as an independent state, with the Pope as its sovereign.