challenging religious privilege in public life



Both Parties May Prove Open Border Advocates as DACA Debate Looms

40 million people voted for Donald Trump, many of whom a few decades earlier would have been card-carrying union members.

Economic Growth Fueled By Continued Massive Immigration Equals Certain Eventual Disaster

Even religious leaders see economic and political benefit from the prospect of continued growth as good for their own tribal interests.

Automation Is a Grim Reminder of America’s Looming Labor Crisis

Neither major party in the US wants to curb the immigration influx, as elected officials are reliant on donations from their corporate masters.

Bannon tells the secular truth about religious perfidy

On matters of policy in a sovereign state, the ousted Trump strategist says the church "is just another guy with an opinion".

At Last Some Really Plain Language On Real Immigration Reform

For decades the majority of Americans have been clamoring for real immigration reform that works in the best interest of the citizenry.

The disingenuous hypocrite Pope strikes again citing woes his ideology helped create

The immigration issue and the family planning issues are conjoined by moral humanity and the need for the rule of law.

CBS 60 Minutes segment on H1b frauds only hits part of our immigration mess; Time for real job protection actions, Mr. President.

One of the most powerful promoters of open borders has been the Roman Catholic Church. And for good reason.

Murray’s “Coming Apart” in USA tells how but not why we got there – Immigration?

Murray has given us a powerful and grim picture, but tying it to 4 concepts which ignore demography and automation fails the credibility test.

Dear President Trump: What Can We Hope For From You?

For those of us who have been working for women’s reproductive rights for years, the threat of a Trump victory was frankly horrifying.

Vatican Subversion Of Family Planning Responsible For The Population Explosion and the Refugee Crisis

Why has the Vatican’s behavior with birth control not been excoriated and massive action to fix the birth control problem taken seriously?