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Pundits David Brooks and Mark Shields Finally Come Clean On Immigration

So let’s understand why so called populist sentiment is rising rapidly. The elites of both parties have ignored the pain of the little people.

Who is equipped to be President of the United States?

You can’t fool all of the people all of the time and that is what both major parties have been trying to do for decades.

Like FDR (Another “Traitor To His Class”), Trump May Be A Savior

Many Americans will be voting for Trump as they realize the elites of both parties want to keep doing what they are doing.

The court & Obama’s ‘kingdom’

Donald Trump has his warts. But the huge addition of aliens over decades has affected U.S. citizens. Many get it and they're angry.

With One Bad Decision, the U.S. Supreme Court Could Anoint President Obama as Our First King

The development of amnesty through the use of broad extra-statutory prosecutorial discretion began almost from the day Obama took office.

Both Parties Fail American Citizens And Democracy

Many young people like Bernie Sanders. Likewise, many young people must find Donald Trump’s immigration message appealing.

Democrat Glad To See WaPo Comment Thread Shows Americans Get It On Deportation

One typical sob story from the Washington Post has a comment section that shows Americans are rejecting the scam of deportation raids.

If Trump Goes Down, Who Will Take Up The Real Immigration Reform Cudgel?

Americans are not stupid. Again, our media is constantly forced to report breaking news, even if skewed to fit the editorial biases of their owners.

WSJ #6, Japan Becomes A Perfect Model For Solving The Population Bulge

Governments and their populations must get serious in taking action about the obvious fact: unlimited growth on a finite planet is not possible.

Real Immigration Reform After Paris Now #1 Domestic Goal

The radical Islamic forces have now made The West a vulnerable target and the United States is obviously number one on their list.